Hi written down some things apply to the new flight simulator

Hi I have been testing this flight simulator since I bought it in early September but for various reasons very nice graphics awesome weather system in it but there are things that are not really happy with it.

There is no Airbus A350 WXB it would have been nice to fly with has both Tested Boeing 787 Dreamliner and Boeing 747 8I
but the cause governs the nose wheels then well-deserved no direct response to it. then other reasons are when starting it so hangs sometimes shuts off by itself comes back to the desks causes error message.

That say it is still beta version of the simply I Bought of the type Deluxe premium of the flight simulator it expects there are more airports with reality.

Then the Weather program is called REX Force 6 which does not work properly in the new flight simulator at all I expect when buying programs so you want it to work without problems the flight simulator usually shuts off