Hidden/closed Toolbar windows in VR interfere with VR click spots in the cockpit

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Open a window from the Toolbar window when in VR mode such as the Nav Map. The default position will be in front of you. Overlaying part of the EICAS panel in the PMDG 737 for instance. Even after you closed the window, it will still interfere with the defined VR click spots on the EICAS panel. Or whatever other click spots depending on where the window was positioned before you closed/hid it. Where the mouse cursor won’t allow you to manipulate the knobs and buttons normally. Same thing with payware add-ons such as Navigraph and GSX Pro which will add their own icons to the Toolbar. These windows can be hidden using a keyboard binding. For Navigraph for instance, it’s CTRL+N. Even when the Navigraph window is hidden, it will still interfere with other click spots unless you make sure to move it somewhere out of the way where it won’t overlay any other click spots in the cockpit. One good position I found is placing the window “outside” the aircraft on your left side. I also noticed how hidden VR windows will interfere with each other. If you place two VR windows on top of each other and hide one of them, you won’t be able to interact with the other VR window still on the screen. So, would be nice if you could make sure that whenever a separate VR window is closed or hidden, it should no longer react on your mouse cursor when you move the cursor where the window was before you closed/hid it. The way it is now, it’s still active in the sense it will react on your mouse cursor. Even when it’s closed/hidden.

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Varjo Aero

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Recently discovered this issue. So can’t say for how long it has existed.

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