Hide cockpit panel and/or aircraft

Well, yes and no. P3D is a commercial training system, sure, and it’s been developed in that direction over many years, but P3D started out life as Microsoft ESP which was the commercial sim variant of FSX. All the features we’re talking about here, in terms of the basic display system, were around in FSX, which was most definitely designed and built as an entertainment product, as a game.

It was possible to create a wraparound or spherical multi-projector view with FSX and FS9 (with additional 3rd party software), precisely because Classic FS supported having multiple windows with independent views as a core feature from before it was even a Microsoft product. That’s the key feature that makes it all possible, and it’s missing from MSFS; but it shouldn’t be that hard to add that capability to the sim.

A ‘no cockpit’ view should be a no-brainer for Asobo to do by comparison.


The AM documentation says it “subscribes” to a “variable” or an “event”.
Here’s what I have for accessing the stream of data that reports indicated airspeed:-

–Subscribe to a data source
–Subscibe P3D Syntax: fsx_variable_subscribe(variable,unit,callback_function)
fsx_variable_subscribe(“AIRSPEED INDICATED”,“Knots”, callback_speed)

I write a function called “callback_speed” in which I can do anything I want with that data passed to it as an argument.

This happens regardless of the graphics presented in the aircraft model.

But as Sling380 says:-

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It’s baffling they haven’t done this yet. At least just an option to hide the simobject model on the main screen. It should help performance a lot not having to render the panel and animations too.


We really need this. Any chance it can be included in SU13?

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It would be great to have this functionallity like the one we had in fsx when pushing W
We dont want to delete the panel, just to hide