Hide Cockpit Panel and/or Aircraft

You can shift the pilot’s seat in front of the propeller. Detail is in another thread.


I use a Cessna hardware panel and did this for the C172 and C152 and it works pretty well (although I still would prefer a “W”-key solution). I assigned a yoke key to switch back and forth.

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Any way to disable cockpit panel for full view? Would like to fly and take screen shots without gauges or panels.

Thank you

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Thank you, I’ll give this a try

One of the features I miss the most is the ability to have a frontal view without the cockpit. In FSX it was easily done, allowing you to have one screen for VFR and a secondary screen for the instruments. Sadly, there’s no way to configure that in FS2020… or is there?


No, there isn’t. At least not as you expect to be done, like in FSX. There’s a long discussion about it, with some clever workarounds:

This is the best we got until MSFS does it natively.

@CaptClarence125 seems we run into each other again ha ha I do miss the 2D cockpit and gauges as I have a multi monitor set up with one monitor just for the flight panel and I really can’t use it other than undocking the gauges using the right ALT key but then have to drag them each flight and you can’t undock switches etc.

Thanks a bunch! This is exactly what I was looking for.

Consider AirManager

@stekusteku I looked into it but is it compatible with MSFS or just FSX and P3D etc? Reading different things.

I dont think we will see this option anytime soon. My guess is that they structured the game in such a way it is not as easy as it was in the past. The other possibility is they are more focused on those that need the cockpit seem. If someone really wants to hide it edit the model.cfg file for that aircraft and comment out the last 2 lines that say interior.xml and exterior.xml. Both need to go because if only the interior is done odd ghost on the outside view are seen. This change hides the plane as seen from the outside. Myself I did setup custom camera views that position me to hide it and in use a button to toggle it, That all said I do hope to see one day whenever a option to toggle it off and on as before in other versions in the past

I don’t understand why this hasn’t got more votes. There are hoards of home cockpit builders around and this is a no brainer

My guess is they are just staying with the sim they have like x plane or p3d until they do

I enjoy one of the panels shown


Sometimes I opt for the view direct behind the windshield with the compass as mentioned above, but the spinning propeller (in a single engine machine) is quite disturbing, IMO much more than in a real plane.

Another thread describes how to shift your POV in front of the plane by editing the cameras.cfg file. I find this works pretty well but you have to find the proper parameter for each plane you use.

I wish i would know how to do that…it would help for sure…

Wow… it looks more like a spaceship or an experimental hypersonic aircraft (like white knight probably).
I definitively have to add a fire extinguisher to my H.C., it adds a lot in terms of drama feeling of the risk flying with such a complex machine. (this is my interpretation of course, doesn’t mean that if you intended to make a standard jetliner your result is less than awesome).
About the functionality, I am gradually reactivating most of the overhead and other auxiliary functions partly by some parallel programming (in SIOC) to emulate missing functions, bu after all I am now at a reasonable 70-80% of systems working, and also the flight behaviour of the plane seems to be at least acceptable, and in some cases more than that.
Hope you’ll be able to keep on flying with MSFS 2020 with this marvellous set up you built! It will be worh the pain i.m.h.o!
What I like most is the atmosphere created by black frames, and the shape of the panel curving around the pilot. Under some aspects it recalls me a model that I made for fsx - the XB70 Valkyrie!

I sure this has been mentioned before, however, I’m not aware that we have had a definitive answer back. Will we be able to completely un-dock the Flightdeck, so the only thing that is showing is the Sky?

This is a must for us Sim builders.

Thanks, and remember ‘Gear down before landing’.

FSX and P3D has a 2D cockpit view (F10). From that view you could cycle through several different views using the W key: 1) Panel with all the gauges showing, 2) no panel, just an outside panoramic front view with gauges for Airspeed ,Turn Coordinator, Attitude Indicator, Heading, Altitude, Vertical Speed, and 3) lastly just an outside panoramic front view showing scenery and landscape. I fly mostly low and slow and these last two views are great for sightseeing. Can this be replicated in this sim? Also is there a way to turn off ATC?

Keyboard commands here:

To remove HUD fromm external view:

Disable Options > General > Camera > Chase Camera > Display Instrument HUD