Hide Cockpit Panel and/or Aircraft

We can boost our viewpoint with the up arrow now, so we still have that. :small_airplane: :smiley_cat:

The 'W" view sounds like “Bombardier View” :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you but the issue with this one is that actually we end up being way forward on the planes and not at the correct view as a pilot. This means that the ground and everything in front of you is kind of zoomed in… Would be great is someone figures out a way to have a view with a “transparent” dashboard?

I would also like to have this.

First- We CAN’T boost our view to get rid of the cockpit completely and it still blocks a lot of the landscape. The “W” enabled you to be in the same position (cockpit) and just have a full clear view without having to try to set up external camera and such, and maintaining the same zoom perspective. It was very handy for landings or looking around in VFR to get bearings, etc. The Space Bar/Enter function angled the view so you could see the landscape even on takeoffs or ascents- another nice feature. After all, with the amazing scenery of FS2020, having the ability to see more scenery without “leaving” the cockpit is even more important.
As for “bombadier view”… that would be looking straight down, which is completely different and hardly needed.


What bombardier view actually looks like:

Like I said, hardly needed (in a flight sim…)

What really irks me is that this sim was developed and promoted by MS, not some “new kid on the block”. They should know what worked in the past. Those things should not have been changed or abandoned. In addition, when it comes to multi-monitors, I’m sure they received 1000’s of requests, for years, for what we are now asking for. How could they not consider that a priority when releasing the sim?


Because they redid so much, to ultimately make it better, that they had to scale back on number of features to make it manageable. The features will come back, I’m sure, so have some patience. :small_airplane: :smiley_cat:

I agree 100% with you. This would be great.

When Microsoft sub-contracted ASOBO to “create” MSFS, I have to wonder how much of a design specification they gave them, and how detailed they monitored Asobo’s progress.

Sometimes it look to me that Asobo didn’t even pay much attention to past MS sims (FSX & Flight), but went off in the direction that they were most familiar with … making a GAME.
maybe at the end of the day… that was Microsoft’s directive… make a money making PC/XBOX game ?

Forgetting the advances in Graphics (which was way past due, and Asobo did a great job there), just from point of the User Interface, it is, (to me), an unfortunate step backwards, in so many areas.

Whether that will improve in time, who can tell.

My fear is that after a time, and the heavy promotion calms down, promoting it as a “Steam Game” to Gamers, that “Hard Core Gamers” will move on to the next Trending Game, not prepared to put the time & effort into it, leaving the “Hard Core Simmers” with a GAME pretending to be Simulator that may never meet their expectations ( Like MS Flight).

But is so early into the release, and Without a crystal Ball, who can tell where MSFS will eventually end up, and what is final user demographics will be.

MSFS has certainly put ASOBO in the map, and I am sure we all hope that they end up being up to it. If they are not, then it will be a long time before they live it down,

Maybe its a COMBINATION of
"Everything comes to those who wait" + "Rome was not built in a day"

Yeah i’m real sick of people saying be patient, rome wasn’t built in a day, blah blah blah. MS was the one that rushed out the entire package before it was ready and had people paying $120 bucks for what they thought was largely a finished product. Bugs are fine but when almost everything about your platform is bugged out that’s not okay and clearly means it was not ready. patience is not warranted when they just made you pay for an alpha version.

Then return it an get your money back … spend it on something else that will not make you sick, and loose patience.

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oh if I could I would.

That is an excellent assessment of what is going on. I totally agree and keep my fingers crossed.

I think it’s largely finished–you seem to be discounting what it took to produce and deploy the most revolutionary scenery, lighting and atmosphere project in the history of desktop flight simulators. That, was the real hard part. The rest, the SDK, the airware, etc those things have already been done in spades for decades and w/ any luck will arrive in due time. I’ve put 35h on MSFS so far, do exclusively IFR flights in mainly the TBM930, and I’ve got 10,000’s of hours in FSX/P3D and right now, I’m having a hard time spending any time in P3D despite the fact I’ve got $$$$$$$ tied up in it, 85% of the cost of which was to get the scenery, lighting, and atmosphere halfway to what $120 MSFS provides. Consider yourself fortunate to get to partake in this project for a lousy $120.


:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

For those that have the hardware for a cockpit be turned off would be nice. It would work like the toggle from cockpit to external view but in this case turn off the cockpit. There are quite a few sim player out there that would find this useful.


For those that have the hardware for a cockpit be turned off would be nice. It would work like the toggle from cockpit to external view but in this case turn off the cockpit. There are quite a few sim player out there that would find this useful.


I don’t understand the request. We already have the external view (from the tailpipe).

Are you asking for a view out the windshield only? Or an invisible Wonder Woman plane mode?

For me this


Make cockpit invisible