Hide Cockpit Panel and/or Aircraft

I’m not trolling but you didn’t answer my question. So you want to be floating in space with nothing around you from a 1st person perspective? Is this for screenshots?

Personally I like the idea of just staring out the windshield.

I’m pretty sure the OP means: if you have a home cockpit setup, with a physical glareshield etc, to emliminate the interior view so that you are only looking over one console, not both a physical one and then a graphic representation. This is what I would like (too)


For those confused by this request…

Someone who has this…

…doesn’t need to see all those controls duplicated up on the screen. What people are asking for is simple - give them an option to hide the controls in sim so they can use their outboard equipment and dedicate that extra screen real estate for seeing outside the plane.

EDIT: No, I don’t have this myself. But I understand what’s being asked.


That is nice

For someone who has this … - or for a company that want to sell this? :innocent:

As someone with a home cockpit, I agree wholeheartedly. It was available in previous versions of the sim so I see no reason it shouldn’t be available here.
Is there another wishlist topic for this somewhere? I thought there was one with many votes but I can’t find it.

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You can go to zendesk and submit a ticket to ask for it…everyone should.


I’ve not tried this but maybe it works?

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P3D has a file like but I could not find in in 2020. Thank i will check it out

There are several companies that sell cockpit frames like this where you insert your own instruments. A bit too much for me though. It’s highly unlikely I’ll ever have a home cockpit. Just my HOTAS and pedals.

Although I am considering getting one of those Logitech multi-panels (when they become available on the market again) so I have easier control of autopilot functions…

And why not set the camera just like that? Advantage: All reflections in the window are preserved and you can see the rain on the window.

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That works too. For most, that would be a workable solution, I’m actually looking for a solution where I can put a lot of my instruments on a separate touch screen below my main monitor. I’d already considered this as my view for that.

But some folks don’t care about that. They have their own full cockpits like pictured, and they want NO sign of cockpit in the game… I can understand that completely. Shouldn’t be very hard to make that an option in game. All other flight sims do it.


Flying with the cockpit in your picture must be really cool in the rain. Propeller is visible, reflections in the window and raindrops everywhere. Very cool, thanks. :heart_eyes:

I’d love to have something like that for the immersion factor, but I’m not a hardcore simmer. That’s just too much time, effort and money to get something like that built.

But for someone who’s really into it or uses their home cockpit for actual training purposes, this thing would be amazing. There are some people with CRAZY cockpit setups that makes this particular one look amateurish.

My thoughts exactly.
I was flying the C172 the other day and managed to create a viewpoint by shoving my face so close to the windshield that the only thing I could see was the whooosh of the propeller going around and the sky/terrain ahead of it. At the time I thought, “this would be a perfect solution to those people who want a dash-less camera view.” I assume that view could have been saved and called back up as needed?



I think the community should vote on this, maybe it’s an easy change.

Wish I was in 1% of folks with that awesome SIM equipment,

I just want it for the ability to fly with the world going by all around my screen. It’s a beautiful game, and sometimes I’m not as into the flight sim part of it as much as I am the world sim part of it!

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It could be that 737 was not released because the 737/MAX conundrum.

There are things that are incomprehensible to me: That the FS2020 has so many defects and has been released “unfinished” on the market, having made us pay in advance for a product that I DOUBT that many would buy if they knew all the problems it has generated. Since August 18 I have been able to use it for less than 5 hours! … Apart from that, problems with updates, blunders …

However, simple things like having A COMPLETE MANUAL (as we had in FS X, which was great) and options like the “W” key that allowed us to use only the front view. If there is a way, I don’t know (and I don’t mean to zoom in).

I have my little cockpit on X-Plane 11.5 with Arduino, and I was going to make one especially for FS2020, but I see that WE ARE LIGHT YEARS from having the facilities of X-Plane 11.5
That is, I want to fly with the instruments I made, and for this I only have X-Plane because it is useless to use AIR MANAGER for example, or MOBIFLIGHT if we are not going to be able to use a screen divided into 3 or 5 monitors and have the full panel off .

I think this is one of the many things that have been left out in this edition, and it is a shame, because it looked good at first.

Unfortunately, I will fly VFR “just like that” with FS2020 and use X-Plane11 with ARDSIMX as before for IFR.

I do not know when they will solve so many problems that are in sight, it looks like a sinking ship and the buckets are not enough to drain the water; But I think that what interests us DIY builders will not be around for a long time. I am more and more disappointed in my purchase.


Yep, I have a 737 cockpit currently running x plane 11 with triple monitors, project magenta running on client computers, all running perfectly. Absolutely shocked FS 2020 was released lacking SO much basic stuff. What a disappointment! Absolutely useless to me and most pit builders I would assume. Sticking with x plane for the foreseeable future.