High alt winds inaccurate?


Winds at high alt above europe should be around 60kts at FL 370 currently

Getting a ONE KNOT (1) wind at this moment above central europe …. Anyone else ?

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Depends where you are. With this huge high pressure area I’d expect winds up there to be very slack

Well …. Real world weather forecast show 60 kts winds at FL360 … i first checked before posting.

A 1 knot wind at FL360 would mean the world came to a stop. It is never without winds that high up …

Windy.com disagrees, winds at FL340

Keep in mind that there aren’t weather stations floating all over the atmosphere at all different flight levels, so it’s all based on prediction models.

Guess i misinterpreted the temp

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Yes, the speed is the number of “feathers” on the wind barbs. Easily done :grin:

I used to have to plot upper level winds by hand back in the day for aviation purposes. Still have nightmares about it

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