High cpu temps LAPTOP

after the hotfix y cpu temps are averaging mid 80s with a fair few spikes to mid 90s :scream:,
im running a gaming laptop ,

i7 10750H
RTX 2060

i know its a gaming laptop and laptops get hotter but with most my games they run max mid 70s and with flight sim, with a cool pad and max fans i could get it to run mid 70s which i was comftable with as my cpu max temps are 110 degress, but now with cooling pad and max fans its hitting mid 80s to mid 90s ? is anyone else in similar situation to myself ?

Might be worth limiting your framerate to keep things cooler.

I have an ASUS ROG laptop with i7 9750H, RTX 2060 and 16GB of RAM. In Turbo Mode it’s always been between 90 and 96° while playing, can confirm it’s not an issue and it will not damage the computer.

its always nice to hear that thankyou, im not a wizz on comps by any means so its a big reassurance thanks :+1:

i limited them to 60fps and switch NVIDIA setting from max performance to adapative and its back to mid high 70s :+1::+1:

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