High GPU+CPU usage/load in main menu after SU6

Using the Steam Version, developer mode is inactive.

Since the latest update the game causes >77-85% GPU-Usage while in the main menu,
CPU usage according to task manager is (depending on each logical processing unit) ~50% - ~75%.
GPU and CPU temperatures are higher than before due to this. (GPU ~70°C, CPU 50°C, temperatures i usually only get during “high- to medium-high”-usage scenarios)

According to GPU-Tweak II (GPU Monitoring) GPU clock speeds instantly jump to their maximum respective values.

All this did not happen before the update. CPU temp was usually around ~10°C lower, GPU ~20-30°C lower.

No settings have been altered (compared to pre-update), 3D-Hangar Background always has been enabled, GPU-driver is version 472.12, same as before the update.

Game executable is Version

Intel i9 9900k
Win10 Pro 21H1

What is the “bug” you are reporting as such though?
The differences you are seeing may simply be a result of underlying changes that improve performance in the sim environment. Are you seeing really high frame rates while just in the menu? If so you could consider capping the frame rate in the nvidia control panel.

No higher framerates, just very unusual, very high resource usage when it seems not to be necessary. I’m just idling in the main menu, doing literally nothing except looking at it, not even downloading scenery from the market place.

CPU/GPU Temps/Clocks/general behaviour in the main menu suddenly (also instantly when I start the game) is as if I was flying/taxiing on a busy HQ-handcrafted airport with tons of stuff going on.

Since the game didn’t show this behavior at all before the new update, it really seems like something didn’t go as planned with this update. It’s not how the main menu should behave at all.

Nothing else on my machine changed between the updates, i literally quit the game, downloaded the clientupdate via Steam, started the game, downloaded the 8GB in-gameupdate. Even during the 8GB in-game download the high resource usage occured.