High level assists

Hi all,

I’m currently playing on Xbox and had a question about the level of assists in the game for the A320. I play with a disability and was wondering to what degree I can automate SOME of the cockpit processes. Generally, the least amount for me to do, the better. I find interactions with the cockpit quite stressful as I have awful dexterity in both hands and can suffer discomfort pretty quickly if things get a bit too complex!

I currently plan my flights between 2 destinations with an ILS approach at my destination. I have most assists on, including takeoff and landing. I ignore all ATC & planned altitudes and let the AP follow the route with my own altitudes. My speed is left in managed mode throughout. Following takeoff I switch AP on at around 2000 feet and generally just sit back and spend my time looking around! When it comes to my approach I fill out my Approach Phase with my ATIS info and generally have no issue ending up on the appropriate GS. I switch off AP at around 500 feet and let her glide to the runway, flare and bobs your uncle. With regard re-binding keys, I have fiddled around with making some inputs easier for myself. Although, the sheer amount of customisation is dizzying!

Now my question is thus. Is there any way to automate the flight even further? More specifically, is there a way to have my AI Co-Pilot fill in the Approach Phase info (weather, temp etc.) automatically? It’s probably the most uncomfortable part of the flight for me as I find fiddling with the comms for ATIS and inputting the info into the computer quite a pain. I’m very aware there is an option to have the AI Co-Pilot fly the whole flight, but that’s literally handing over 100% control to the AI if I understand correctly, and that’s not what I want.

I understand my approach to FS is literally the opposite of what most here look to experience, but I’m afraid I’m a bit limited in how I can interact with the game.

Any help would be appreciated.



I read your post with great interest, but could not think of a way to meets your goals.

Then it occurred to me, maybe one solution is to do some of your flights in Shared Cockpit with other friends.
This would give you the opportunity to take part in as much of the flying as you are comfortable with, while the other pilot does, what you find awkward to do.

Flying is great fun, but it’s even more enjoyable to share a flight with a fellow pilot, both in the Sim, as in real life.

Maybe Check out this section of the forum


Thanks for the reply, I’ll definitely check out the above!

I think when it comes to AI copilot control, you can still turn them on just so they can prepare for the approach, and once you’re happy with your positioning, then you can disable the AI copilot control, and all you need to do is take control and land the plane.

Hi Neo,

Thanks for that, I will certainly give it a try!