High winds in live weather experienced 2023-09-09

Currently the UK is suffering on and off, I don’t know how much of it because I’ve not talked to too many people but certainly the south. This is Goodwood EGHR…

People at Duxford are also complaining. A quick check on the map suggests it’s only south of Birmingham with a problem. It’s also only below about 1000ft or so as per original post.

Just had this issue at KLAS, rotated off 19R climbed 100ft and got hit with 140 knot winds.

350kt winds in Austin

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Had crazy weather at surface on landing at KBDL (2030z). Wind was supposed to be vrb at 4. Had a right crosswind on rwy 06 of over 30 kts.

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Aug 9 at 2030z at KBDL

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Others had the same issue at KBDL

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Same here, taking off from SCEL (Chile), sudden headwind of 100+ knots, overspeed, then well, it did not end well …

Yes…wild… :joy:


This seems to happen every single weekend now, right when everyone’s flying. This is so unacceptable. Hope they can find what’s causing it and fix it.

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These weather bugs and outages are the most embarrassing things I have seen in modern games. MSFS is a key product to represent the power of Azure and Cloud services but the issues and outages in the last weeks and months are becoming more and more outrageous!

Get the weather fixed and or open up the weather for third party developers that know how to do it properly!


nah they’d rather work on a new handcrafted omg bespoke speechless poorly optimized bumpy airport

EGLL seems to have 90kt, ESGG too.
Makes for interesting talks on Vatsim where the controller warns everyone on first contact to turn off Live Weather… What a mess.

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I was on the approach for runway 24 at Edinburgh on VATSIM when a 120 knot headwind made my plane almost hover above the ground. Eventually I lost lift and crashed. The controller sounded surprised :sweat_smile:

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Landing EGKK today and wind 180° at 76 kt when touchdown, did go-around once and the next landing still was the same. Unbelievable!

EKCH about 30 minutes ago in live VATSIM event, rwy 22L, 80kts of partial crosswind…blew my TBM way off to a messy go around… nerve wrecking experience more then IRL!

More data for you: Had the issue in Los Angeles. Gusting up to 250 knots around 1100 feet baro altitude, with it being normal below 300 and above 1500 (numbers not exact).
After restarting sim it was instead close to 0 knots at 1100 feet and normal below and above 1500.

I am going back to REX Weather Force until this is resolved. Always good to have backup.

Same issue from Washington: 100+ knots wind.

Same issue trying to land in El Salvador (MSLP)

If someone else experience the issue and if at an airport with METAR could you post a screenshot of the METAR ?, to check if root cause could be a METAR that the sim is having problem to interpret.
Could be related to that issue: Wind erroneously read from malformed METAR

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Southern UK is currently ok, I did video a bit of what was going on though ,it’s quite comical :slight_smile:

Altimeter set to local QNH - I’m not sure where local was, I got blown off Goodwood airfield by the wind, but it should be a reasonable estimation of ASL anyway. Everywhere in the south appeared to be having issues, airfield or no, so I don’t think it was a malformed METAR.

Also a pretty ■■■■■■■ illustration of how solid trees are when it comes to turbulence generation. Trees aren’t buildings, come on…