Highend Machine, low fps

I have a Millenium Origin PC, 128 GB Corsair fast Ram, 2 SSD drives (2 and 4 TB), 2 sli nvidia Titan cards (24 GB Ram each), intel extreme processor…I can barely reach 30 fps external, and 20 fps in the cockpit. Does not matter if ultra, or lowend graphics settings. What am I missing?

This was reported several times during the Alpha as it appears SLI isn’t supported yet. So you’ll need to disable SLI and just use a single GPU to get your performance back.

Many thanks for your reply, tried that already.

Go into the dev settings and enable the FPS counter so you can see what’s causing the limitation. Considering the optimization issues with the RTX line and the fact that the Titan is a workstation GPU (unless I’m mistaking it for something else), it may just be an optimization issue on Asobo’s end.

As a side note, what on earth are you using that PC for…?

I doubt SLI will ever be supported.

To op what res you playing at and what is render scaling set to in game?
I can get 30 to 38 fps using I9-9900k and RTX 2070 in 4k so something is definitely up.

What extreme processor do you have, that could also be a bottleneck. MFS at best uses 6 cores and not very effiecently at that. So it’s the age old thing of having higher clock speeds so a 10990K with a 5.3Ghz boost clock would be the best for this game.

Also what are your in-game settings. I have a 2080Ti and 9900K yet I still have to compromise some settings, don’t expect because you have a high end system you can wack everything up.

There’s still significant software optimisations to be done as well some of which we’ll get with the next patch. On top of all that, MFS does render a hell of a lot of detail as well.

I feel you pain, you’ve gone and bought what you think will do well for this sim and eventually that might happen but MFS is still pretty raw and some of this takes time to be dialed in.

I’m expecting with the introduction of VR it will get better but some of your system specs are not typical so you may need to experiement a bit to get the best results and be a little patient. Good luck!

Dedicated machine for all my flight simulators…lol. I spare no expense when it comes to Flight Sims.


Processors: Intel Core i9 9980XE 18-Core 3.0GHz (4.5GHz TurboBoost)
CPU : Thermal Compound
CPU : CPU Overclocking

Hmmm something definitely doesn’t sound right, I usually get 30ish on my laptop. What aircraft, airport/location, weather, AI traffic, time of day? Do you have any other programs running?

No other programs running, day time, JFK airport, does not matter if it is anywhere from low to ultra settings.

Today I plan to do in depth testing of a number of different setting combinations. I have no issues with DCS or Xplane 11.

Yeah that is an amazing processor, but as some high end AMD users have also found out it’s just not the best for gaming. I really hope in the future this can be put right as you have so much computing power in your system not being utilsed. :sob:

DF did an interesting analysis video on Microsoft Flight Simulator which involved looking at core usage, maybe you can gleem some tips from here to help make more use of your system resources and improve performance.

If you write winver in a terminal, what does it say ? Do you have the Windows 2004 version ?

With an i7-5960X @ 4 Ghz processor, an Nvidia 1070 Ti and 32 GB of RAM, I am at 30 fps with the screen set to Ultra in 2560x1440 resolution and 60 fps with the screen set to High in 2560x1440 resolution.

The quality and speed of the internet connection is also very important for this game, without it you will have degraded graphics…

If i could make a suggestion…you may not like the answer, but:

With your system there really is no need to turn much down in terms of graphics.

  1. disable SLI or remove the other card completely
  2. Lock your monitor to 30hz and turn Vsync ON in the game with the 60FPS limit
  3. I think you might benefit from setting your Affinity to 6-8 cores for FS with their threads active as well.

Since it doesn’t seem to matter whether you have ultra or low settings, it seems to be a hardware timing issue. If I run with no frame cap and Vsync off, i’m stilll able to get around 40-50 fps on my old a$$ 4790k @ 4.6ghz. Locking the monitor to 30hz gives the smoothest and most stutter free performance.

Many thanks to all for your suggestions. Things are much better due to your suggestions.