Hill Made of Water & Bridge Under Water? Porto, Portugal

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Encountered a hill made of water while sailing my Icon A5 and also bridge scenery under water that preventing me from continuing.

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Inspired by Bing Wallpaper, I flew out of LPPR and headed toward the ocean. Then headed South to land the Icon A5 in the port with plans to sail through and check out the scenery. After landing I encountered a strange wall of water that had scenery underneath it which prevented me from moving forward. Eventually, I sailed around it and encountered a very lumpy canal with more water hills. Approached a bridge but was stopped short due to scenery that was under the water.

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Hello @xxJackCarlxx ,

Do you still see this bug after World Update 8: Iberia? Unfortunately, you did not give coordinates or a map showing where exactly that screenshot was taken, making it difficult to verify.

However, I went to the canal just south of LPPR and I don’t see a hill of water:

I will close this bug in two weeks if I do not hear back.

Closed due to lack of response from OP. Issue appears to be fixed.