Historic Traffic as second timeline

Similar to the “historic weather as second timeline” thread I suggest to also implement historic “live” traffic.

I believe this would make a lot of sense. Many airports have very little to no traffic in the late evening / night. As this is the time I (and probalby many others) mostly fly, I hardly ever see much traffic.

I suggest to “save” the data for live traffic in a snapshot for a reasonable time - say 24 hrs - and when setting a time in the sim, the sim should show the traffic as it was at that time. I think it would be enough to save data like airline, type, route, actual times of departure and arrival in a simple table so I guess it would not be too much data.

This could be made optional in the menu “AI-live traffic according to sim-time” for people who really want to have “live” live traffic.

Oh hellyeah!
Both this and the weather idea are outstanding! I fly wierd hours also (work, life, parenting etc) so indeed this would be an excellent feature to have.

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I’d definitely set the year to 2004 so I’d be able to hear AirTran, Continental, US and North West Airlines call signs because US airlines was exiting having a ton of variety to choose from now it’s so boring in the US with the lack of variety of Airlines heck imagine hearing Cactus on the frequency

very good idea!

I don’t think that is possible as there is probably no flightaware data dating back that far.
Perhaps one could create historic offline AI packages. Could be great with the PMDG DC-6.


There’s the rub. Flightaware does archive data but the firehose (where MS/Asobo get the “real-time” data) is just real time. You need at least a basic account to look at historical data which is flight by flight and limited to 8 months. Basic accounts (free) are only 3 months archive.

MS/Asobo would need to save and make the data available outside of real time and that’s probably something in the contract between them and how they use the data. Warehousing it may not be allowed due to it undercutting FlightAware’s account revenue streams.

Good idea :+1:

great idea, but ms is never going to do that.
maybe laters a 3rd party will make this.
on fsx there was an ai-trafic package that could just do that.

Well, why shouldn’t they do it? Jorg seemed quite open to the idea of historic weather - if that is possible.
“Historic traffic” as I understand it, seems much easier. They would just have to save the traffic in a rolling file for 24 hours.
At the very least we can ask for it by voting here. If it is not possible, they will tell us. But first we have to make them aware of the idea.