Historic Weather (as second timeline)

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On the post i made a couple of days ago.I mentioned that Asobo should add Advanced or Dynamic Weather to the sim so you can create different weather systems like rate of change,wind direction,visibility and precipitation at the many different airports and their weather stations and save it on a Weather .PLN file like the old sims had since the 2002 one.

Historical weather out to a week or so should be a freebie in terms of development time and effort. The kind of global weather data that Flight Simulator uses (numerical forecast model output) is usually kept on a weather provider’s servers going back several days at least (past model runs). The only thing the sim has to do is ask for a different weather time (forecast hour) than the current one, and then just use that data instead. The UI doesn’t even need to change since the time slider bar/data controls are already there.

It’s not like this is a technical challenge in terms of data storage, or code implementation, and you’re not asking to give up other pressing features in exchange for this one. The only issue I see here is that even the basics of loading in Live Weather still need to be hammered out, and it sounds like they’re making good progress here. But once they’ve got that, this is a relatively simple next step. So keep asking for it.


Have you read this post? Historic Weather (as second timeline) - #54 by RALF9636

Your proposed solution has nothing to do with historical weather and why we use it.

Yeah,i know there two different things but currently you can’t change the weather and cloud conditions at different airports or VOR/NDB stations and save it on a WX.file like my old FS2004 had.I already made a separate thread requesting this on the wishlist section.

Understood. But I suppose it’s irrelevant to this thread. We don’t want to confuse the devs with how this is supposed to work. Advanced Custom Weather is a separate feature request to Historical Weather.

That depends very much on the time frame and time resolution required for a satisfactory historic weather feature. Which, of course, is why Jörg would like to know more about what people mean when they say “historic”.

I recently learned that there are 250,000,000 cubes of weather data at any given point in time, so some storage space is certainly necessary.

I’m still not sure why “historical weather” is needed. Most flights are short, just a few hours or less, and weather doesn’t change that much in that time. If the weather is rapidly changing, no current flight sim will handle that well anyway. So why not just re-create the weather you want to fly in, and even if it’s static, you still get the experience?

Historic weather seems like such a drain of resources, for very little payoff.

Then you need more powerful ways to recreate that weather. In my eyes this is not possible at all. The manual weather recreation function is very limited.

Say there is a big storm with heavy gusts, and a few days later you like to fly in that condition. With historic weather not an issue…

I don’t see the drain of resources, compared to all other this is nothing…


Here is a good example that I just experienced. I live in Germany and I just did a flight at 15:30 (3:30pm) with the current live weather.

The problem: I did a daytime flight in Australia where it was 23:30 (11:30pm) at the time in real life. So even though I’m doing a daytime flight, I’m getting the local live weather, which included low fog banks which are typical for 11:30pm in humid areas, but which are very unlikely in the middle of the day at 3:30pm. Those fog banks would have burned off in the afternoon.

The solution would be to roll back to a historic weather situation that would provide the appropriate and much more realistic local weather for 3:30pm in the afternoon, instead of doing a daytime flight with unrealistic night time weather.

It’s not just a matter of visuals either. It also affects engine performance. When you want to simulate a day time flight in the Australian desert, you certainly don’t want to do that with the cold night time temperatures that live weather provides when you live halfway across the world. You want the hot daytime temperatures, so you can simulate the loss in performance realistically.

Sorry, but you are flat out wrong. The weather might not change that much locally (although I would argue it often does), but it can be very different at different places of your route. You can departure in sunshine and blue skies but your arrivial airport many, many miles away can be completely socked in with near zero visibility. Or vice versa. And you can experience different weather situations en route. And that’s what makes live weather interesting.

I can only reiterate: having realistic and time-of-day appropriate weather is probably the most important thing right after the flight modelling in a flight simulator. Historic Weather is a must for a simulator that simulates the whole world.

And also again: even if you would only make a 24 hour cycle available, that would already be a big help to have time-of-day appropriate real weather available all over the world for any type of flight you want to simulate. Right now that is not possible, unless you limit your flying to your own timezone and actual time which can hardly be the goal of a state of the art flight sim.

I gotta be blunt: anyone still arguing against the importance of Historic Weather in the sim simply hasn’t a sufficient understanding of the importance that different weather has on piloting an aircraft and how different it is during different times of the day. And realistically piloting an aircraft is what a flight sim is all about, isn’t it?


I know it is hard to store past weather conditions around the world, but I would like to fly with real weather with a date and time specified, even if it is limited to the past month.

This would be very useful even if it only goes back 24 hours.

It helps avoid issues like setting time back 8 hours from night to the afternoon because you want to fly in daylight - but then your airfield is fogged in due to nighttime fog in the live weather stream. There are many such diurnal weather patterns like thunderstorms in the afternoon, sea breeze and land breeze, that get all out of whack when the sim time is changed and the live weather stays live.

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Just as the title says.

In FSX, we can use archived weather for ~any given day. Pls can we have this in MSFS2020 for offline use.

Edit: I didn’t know this topic existed when I made my wishlist request, so my wishlist got merged with this one.

I’m based in Amsterdam but currently flying a lot in New Zealand, which is beautiful. When I fire up the simulator in the morning and (of course!) set it to live weather, I match the simulator to my local time zone.

However, as we’re so far a part I’m for the first time experiencing how night time weather of course isn’t very representative for the time of day that I choose.

I remember ‘some developer of a weather addon’ who gave the option of historic weather when you would alter the time of day. It would then simply take the data from the same day exactly one year ago, but then with whatever time of day you’d like.

Would this be something Asobo/MS plan on introducing at some point too? One could of course also take the weather from the day before if storing so much METAR files would be an issue (can’t imagine that it is though).

Thanks for considering it.

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Thanks. I didn’t know it had its own category on the forum. I altered accordingly.


I hope it’s something they implement as well. Trying to fly around the world on California time in a basically daylight only aircraft. Makes it a challenge to find the time of day that works for a flight in some cases.


Being able to have this is the only reason I’ve looked into 3rd party weather. Really hope they add this to build in weather!


I guess what I’m thinking is that, if Asobo doesn’t want to implement this feature themselves, at least open up the weather system enough that something like ActiveSky can access and set it. Declaring that the weather system is to remain closed and then not implementing historical weather on Asobo’s own really makes MSFS, for many users, lag behind P3D and X-Plane – even behind FSX! – in usability and enjoyment.

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Yes, indeed. It is hard to understand why they are so negative on this issue. After all, many of us hope this feature.

There must be a reason (Asobo or MeteoBlue) behind this which we don´t know.

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Live weather in this sim is simply stunning. I think most would agree it’s one of the best aspects of the sim. Preset weather just doesn’t cut it when comparing. Please Asobo make this happen.

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