History and Settings in World Map are not saved

This was introduced on my system with 1.8.3 but is not fixed with 1.9.3 now:

The history of last loaded airports does not work and all my settings I make to the filters of the world map are also not saved.
I have still the airports in my history list from flights before 1.8.3.
1.8.3 was also the point, where my logbook ended to work and stopped to record anything.

So, probably there’s a file or folder I can delete or reset?

Will report that to zendesk now

Bump … anyone else?
Anyone with an idea if its just on my system and why?

I’ve also discovered that many options are saved for next usage and that lower settings like Airspaces, Fixes, … I need everytime set again to see them grrrrr. Send guys that to Zendesk, I don’t have taste to do this sry…

Same here.

I think the airport history and the logbook are related. My logbook isn’t recording any new filgths either.

Even worse: Very often the Airport search doesn’t work too. This happened already before the update, but much more often now. Then the only way to select the departure/arrival airport is by picking it on the map, which can be quite difficult for smaller airfields…

This got my airport history and logbooks working. Click on the link to see the fix as the quoted fix doesn’t show in the window below.

+1 Save the VFR Map’s 3 FILTERS,

Every time I go start the map for the 1st time after loading MSFS, I have to turn them back on…

Really – what are they not being saved ???