HistrionicHovering: A World Trip for the Needy

Oh, how I love to announce new World Trip attempts - more than finishing the ones I’ve started. You know, I thought I’d finish the last one, but the jungles in Central Africa weren’t such a nice “Foto-Kulisse” for my shots so I scrapped it. But after 5-6 aborted ones I’ll just use this thread as a final “collection” - if it is aborted, fine: Then I’ll just continue from here on IN this thread. Trying to keep it orderly, but if it isn’t working, screw it. Then we’ll restart as often as we want and just continue this thread for eternity. Main goal is having fun!

As to the title - yeah, thats me. A histrionic with NPD features. Needy for attention or else I wouldn’t feel a pathological need to share my daily screenshots with everyone who wants to see them so I can call myself an artist. That is basically it: Sharing my beloved MSFS shots for an hopefully ever-increasing view counter. Enjoy! :heart:

UPDATE: The first reset happened, we’ve started again in Arizona (for my narrative I’ve picked the tutorial airfield as a starting point.) This one here will be the table of contents as usual.

Table of Contents:
001: Tromso - Setermoen.
002: Setermoen - Kalixfors.
003: Kalixfors - Gällivare.
004: Gällivare - Överkalix.
005: Överkalix - Piteå.
006: Piteå - Vindeln.
007: Vindeln - Kramfors-Sollefteå.
008: Kramfors-Sollefteå - Hudiksvall.
009: Hudiksvall - Lemstanäs.
010: Lemstanäs - Stockholm-Bromma.
RESET. (Reason: I’ve got a better idea!)

001: Sedona (KSEZ) - Winslow-Lindbergh Regional (KINW).

001: Tromso - Setermoen (Norway).

  1. After take-off in Tromso. Almost nothing can be seen and the fjords are frozen over.

  2. A bit of blue sky shining through near “Tystraumen marine verneomrade”.

  3. Passing Breifjellet (right) and Fiskefjellet (front).

  4. Crossing Malangen - Malatvuotna.

  5. Heading up Aursfjorden.

  6. Overland crossing along the 7834 Road.

  7. Heggelia from above Bardufoss Air Base.

  8. Following Barduelva River south.

  9. Almost in Setermoen.

002: Setermoen (Norway) - Kalixfors (Sweden).

  1. Following Barduelva River south.

  2. Small valley near Livelttinden (right mountain in the background).

  3. Near the southern end of the main valley.

  4. Frozen-over Torneträsk from above Báktájohkaluobbalat.

  5. Crossing through a mountain gap above Cuonjájávri.

  6. Alesjokk (buggy mountain-lake hybrid to the left) and Alip Vealevárri (large mountain in the center).

  7. E10 near Kayravuopio.

  8. Kiruna (left) and Kiirunavaaragruvan (mine to the right).

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Great impressions from the flight. Have been to Norway for 3 consecutive Years on vacation
… nearly 40yrs ago. When in Norway again, you need not to miss out the Hardanger Vidda with it’s glacier :+1: … if not yet melted :thinking:

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003: Kalixfors - Gällivare (Sweden).

  1. Frozen Lake near Vouttasjoki River.

  2. Crossing BD833 near Saivojärvi.

  3. Paukijärvi Lake.

  4. Hilltop near Čáigas.

  5. Above Vitårforsgruvan and Koskullskulle (village in the background).

004: Gällivare - Överkalix (Sweden).

  1. Crossing Aitik Mine near Sakajärvi.

  2. E10 in the distance.

  3. Near Hakkas.

  4. Joining E10 near Skrövàn River.

  5. Hills near Skrövàn River.

  6. Evening sun on the hills near Ulmjärv.

  7. Tjäutavärvi (left) and Mellanträsket (right).

  8. Naisjärv near Överkalix Flygfält.

005: Överkalix - Piteå (Sweden).

  1. Near Naisjärv.

  2. Crossing Bonälven River.

  3. Granträsket Lake.

  4. North of Hovlössjön.

  5. Storholmen Island on Hövlössjön.

  6. Andträsket through the clouds.

  7. Råneå on the coast.

  8. Börjelslandet on Persöfjärden.

  9. Approaching Luleälven.

  10. Near Södra Sunderbyn.

  11. Crossing Luleälven.

  12. Near Fällträsket.

  13. Alterälven (river) entering Pålmarksträsket (small lake, left).

006: Piteå - Vindeln (Sweden).

  1. Fields near Kyrkbyn.

  2. Above Kalaträsket.

  3. Through the countryside.

  4. Crossing Åblyälven near Jakobsfors.

  5. Norrlångsträsk between Nordträsket and Sorträsket.

  6. Eastern part of Storkågeträsket.

  7. Crossing Kågeälven.

  8. Weird-looking clearing near Stortjärnen.

  9. Finnsforsfallet - an hydroelectric dam on Skellefteälven.

  10. Somewhere southeast of Källheden.

  11. Near Ytteråträsk.

  12. Multiple lakes near Södra Lubboträsk.

  13. Mjösjön, then Storsandsjön and Lillsandsjön.

009: Vindeln - Kramfors-Sollefteå (Sweden).

  1. East of Djuptjärnen.

  2. Clearing near Nyland.

  3. Crossing Umeälven.

  4. Skivsjön near Sunnansjö.

  5. Storarmsjö on the northern end of Stor-Armsjön.

  6. Balberget Forest.

  7. Near Stensvattsberget.

  8. Crossing Bjärten near Norrnäs.

  9. Near Lomnäset.

  10. The eastern part of Onskasjön.

  11. Southern Trehörningssjön.

  12. Above Långviksmon.

  13. Western Ledingssjön.

  14. Mellansel with Anundsjösjön behind it.

  15. Passing Star-Degersjön.

  16. Approaching Kramfors-Sollefteå Airport across Ångermanälven.

008: Kramfors-Sollefteå - Hudiksvall (Sweden).

  1. Kramfors.

  2. Near Ytter-Hansjön.

  3. Passing Gussjön.

  4. Krigsbyn Village and Krigsbysjön.

  5. Klingerfjärden near Soråker.

  6. Alnösundet between Ljustadalen (right) and Vi (left).

  7. Near Sundsvall.

  8. Ljungan Estuary near Kvissleby.

  9. Crossing Ojen Lake.

  10. Above Gnarp.

  11. Eastern shore of Storsjön.

  12. Landscape near Idsjön.

009: Hudiksvall - Lemstanäs (Sweden).

  1. Hudiksvall with Höglidenskyrkan.

  2. Stora Skärsjön.

  3. Viksjön near Iggesund.

  4. Coast near Utlänga.

  5. On a peninsula near Fjäleviken.

  6. Käringskär near Långvindsbruk.

  7. Skarså on the coast.

  8. Lötån River near Söderhamm.

  9. Passing Alsjön south of Söderhamm.

  10. Norrbränningen and Sörbränningen.

  11. Northeast of Tönnebrosjön.

  12. Highway E4 near Viksjön (a different Viksjön then the one near Iggesund).

  13. North of Fjärden.

  14. Road 272 near Västanfäbodarna.

  15. Crossing Jädraån near Jäderfors.

010: Lemstanäs - Stockholm-Bromma (Sweden).

  1. Storsjön near Gästrike-Hammarby.

  2. Väsaren and Ottnaren.

  3. Fields near Trösken.

  4. Bysjön with Killön Island.

  5. Karinmossen Swamp.

  6. Rosön Island in Färnobofjärden.

  7. Between Ingbo and Kärrbäck.

  8. Near Österlänna.

  9. City center of Uppsala.

  10. Following Dag Hammarsjölds väg / C6021 out of Uppsala. Taken near Ulleråker.

  11. Sunnersta on Ekoln Lake.

  12. Ekoln as seen from Krusenberg.

  13. Sigtuna.

  14. Munkholmen Island.

  15. Villastaden on the outskirts of Stockholm.

001: Sedona (KSEZ) - Winslow Lindbergh Regional (KINW).

Well, onwards! We relocated / switched the pilot / entered a parallel universe. We’re starting our trip in Sedona, Arizona - the place where everything starts. The first tutorial starts here, so it sounds like a great narrative.

So after our pilot - we’ll call them Sasha (for an unspecified reason) - finished training in Sedona they embark on a WORLD TRIP! First things first: Passing Sedona itself (1) they climbed out of the valley between The Teapot and the Merry-Go-Round (Americans and their weird names, 2).

At 8000ft they came across Clay Park and the Foxboro Ranch Estates (3), before finding Mormon Lake behind a mountain range (4). They saw a pretty prominent summit in the distance - might be Anderson Mesa (5)?

There are three smaller lakes south of Pine Hill: Pine Lake (left), Mud Lake (front) and an unnamed one (right, 6). A while later the land fell until an altitude of about 6000ft was possible (7).

Rather by chance they came across Diablo Canyon (8) - looks rather inviting despite its hellish name. A few lonely hills later (9) Winslow came into view (10). And so the first leg of this trip ended after 40 minutes in the southwestern sun.


  • Yes, this will be written in third person, because I like it.
  • Why “Sasha”? It has a deeper meaning, but one that doesn’t matter right now.
  • Why a 172 without a livery? Because :sparkles: AESTHETICS :sparkles:!

002: (Winslow Lindberg Regional / KINW) - Show Low Regional (KSOW) - Safford Regional (KSAD).

So I might have been really tired after work yesterday and forgot to take pictures… yeah. No Winslow to Show Low trip, although you didn’t miss much.

Show Low during dusk is a pretty nice sight! Our pilot took off from the regional airport, passed the town itself and came across Rainbow Lake and the Lake of the Woods (1). And yes, this is Arizona, not Middle Earth! Such fancy names…

Next, behind Springer Mountain they passed Pinetop-Lakeside, a suburb south of Show Low, as well as Woodland Reservoir (2). Even further south they came across Amos, Cooley and Deer Spring Mountains (3).

Near Little Round Top Mountain and above AZ 73 they turned south for a bit (4) before returning to their southeastern course near Gold Butte and the town of Whiteriver (5).

Further onwards East Fork White River was crossed at the village of East Fork on East Fork Road (6).

Light conditions worsened when the sun set so they didn’t see much great scenery for additional photo shots. The last one was taken north of Safford with distant Mount Graham center in the background (7).

*** Notes:**

  • I am really surprised by the variety of landscapes in Arizona! As an European my image of this state was basically “a wide stretch of smouldering red rocks with dusty roads running between cowboy towns”. Truth be told I like the scenery here, perhaps we stay a bit longer!