Hold Position, Caution Other Traffic!

So I’m in a £200m+ Boeing 787, loaded with over 300 passengers, expensive fuel tanks and ATC tell you to Hold Position, caution other traffic. That’s completly understandable, but when you find out its a forklift rolling down the taxiway, not only do I question how that thing got priority over me, but why was it on the taxiway to start!? It’s laughable, but you have to question the programming detail with this sim at times.


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There is a wishlist on this here:

According to the feedback snapshot for most upvoted wishes, the developers do have this on their roadmap to fix sometime in 2021, but they haven’t started on it.

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I agree with the above user remark It really makes sim look bad.

I get more annoyed with other “traffic” clearly not using ATC getting in the way and occasionally taxiing through me! It’s quite bad at the more popular airports, in the latest instance Amsterdam/Schipol.

I get told to hold when there’s no traffic at all. I stop and look around, and there’s not even a mouse moving within a mile. There usually isn’t any traffic since I’ve disabled most of it because of how wacky it gets. So I wind up ignoring ground and just keep going, and that makes me wonder why I bother using the ATC at all, other than just going through the motions of being a pretend pilot. But I’m wondering if the ATC system is still considering traffic routes even if they’re not being drawn on the screen. Like disabling traffic is visual only or something.

Sadly, this is something I turned off on day one. The activity was nice, but it came with way too many vehicles joyriding up and down the runways.

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LOL!!! Thanks I needed a giggle today! - Lauren :wink: