Holding Third-Party Developers to Account

I recently watched the review of the ORBX London Scenery add-on for MSFS and what a disgrace. Are Microsoft and Asobo going to set standards for third-party developers and hold them to account or will this be a free for all drop low grade add-on’s and rip customers off. If they don’t I will not be buying any third-party content ever.


ORBX got a real slap in the face from just about everybody with the poor quality of the London Landmarks addon proving the community is more than capable of holding developers to account all by ourselves.

Sorry that just does not hold up. It should be the responsibility of the publisher as not all “users” are capable or experienced of knowing any better.

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I agree and I am not suggesting that MS should not hold publishers to account, what I am saying is that if they don’t do that and clearly they did not with the London release, at least we know the community obviously has standards and most certainly will.

Have you seen the Microsoft Store on Windows?

This will be just as much a free for all as that. Microsoft’s standards are set way too low in some respects.

The Flight Sim community is small and if some bad payware does come out it will not last long, Word spreads fast!!!

I mean how long did it take for all this with ORBX ? lol


It’s the same in any sim…Your point?

Do you want me to draw you a picture?

Sure, bring it on. Waiting.

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I purchased the ORBX London Scenery add-on for MSFS, and while bits are out of place, it’s not too bad apart from the O2 looks like bloody Shakespears theatre (the Globe) now :roll_eyes: But one thing they missed was the “Chard”, which is odd as it’s in the base game and now its gone with the add-on :rage:

Sometimes it pays to be the first at the table… sometimes you pay for it, if there had been 100 items in marketplace this would have slipped by, I know I for one will be very careful before I purchase anything from them.