Hollywood sign

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Only the shadow of each letter shows (black)

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Just fly to sign

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Hello @udidwht,

I just loaded a flight to this area and the Hollywood Sign looks normal to me (see screenshot below, captured 2022-06-09). Are you using any scenery mods that could be causing a conflict with the default scenery?

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Enable photogrammetry.

It is enabled.

Here’s a pic…(see just over the right wing)

What I’ve done thus far…

  1. Deleted and let rebuild the content.xml

Same results

  1. Delete and rebuild the rolling cache (8GB)

Same results

Here is the contents of my ‘Community folder’…

I would not report a bug in the sim without first disabling all 3rd party content.

That is the plan.

Game update has made the plug-in incompatible

A plug in issue? What plug in?


On a whim I ran the Bijan Season installer.exe and hit reset. That removes all the Bijan assets.

Bingo! The sign appears correctly in all it’s glory. Will email Bijan regarding this. This is with the latest Bijan release 7.2 (4 Season pack) along with Project: Islands, Sunken Boats


Glad to hear this is fixed for you! Since this appears to be a bug from a Bijan mod, I have marked your post as the solution and will close this out.

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