Holy Moly

Whatever MS Asobo did yesterday with the update is a great step! man the sim looks crisp and is running great! (xbox cloud)


Completely agree (on PC). Live weather looking as good as ever, performance great. What’s not to love?


Is that a Malta departure?

No it’s Ankara in Turkey to Bucharest, Romania. Nice and clear in Turkey, but cloudy and looking a bit wet in Romania. I think they posted on out of order though

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Just out of curiosity, which aircraft do you use, which settings, and which hardware to have great performance. With the Fenix A320 I’m struggling to get decent performance at handcrafted airports on my I5 10600K 3070.

Ive always heard handcrafted airports dont work well for anyone. Regardless of the platform. I know on Xbox any of the Gold star handcrafted airports cause problems…if not CTD.

This is the PMDG 737-800

i9 10900K, 64Gb RAM, RTX 3080, 2560x1440 2K display
I use DX11 TAA (I’m generally CPU limited, so don’t see much gain from DLSS) and although in the Beta for SU10, I find DX11 to be working fine - not tried DX12 in the latest build actually.

Settings are ULTRA with a few tweaks - no motion blur, no bloom (I think), multiplayer OFF, real weather, real taffic, use generic models etc

I will get 28-30 FPS on the ground and nearer 40 in the air, depending on the weather.

The Fenix is a bit heavier on performance (low 20s at best for me). You can adjust the Fenix app a bit to help. Mine is set to displays mutlithreading and also I use the GPU to render the displays which isn;t recommended, but I find works a bit better for me (I think because I’m CPU limited). Also I found using 4k liveries rather than 8k made a big difference (you can chnage that setting in the livery manager)

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Excuse my ignorance, but what update is this that you speak of? I have not seen anything?


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No updates have been pushed to either SU9 or SU10 Beta in the last 24 hours.

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Thx, that’s a helpful reference. My performance is in line with this indeed, albeit a bit less of course.

My guess is that Asobo change things server side that have great impact on our experience now and then without posting about it.

the SDK is actively being worked on…Im not entirely sure how this works. But my sim updated yesterday, and looks great.

Do you think they might have fixed the ‘06:00Z-bug’ server side?

Uuuhm what did they do yesterday?? There hasn’t been an update yet

What exactly does display multithreading do in the fenix? Nobody seems to give a clear answer to this. Not even the devs

Maybe they can do some magic server side? There they can update every minute when they want. Another advantage of gaming as a service :wink:

Please indicate the version number of this update.

I’m using the .21 beta update from a few days ago, but like @Leadteeth1730 the sim seems to be performing expecially well over the last few days - I’ve not noticed anything particularly different since yesterday

My understanding is that it allows the displays on the Fenix to be rendered via a different CPU thread so it’s less of a drain on resources, but I’m no expert