Home-built Motion Simulator VR Cockpit project - new full flight video and updates

Here’s a new video of a full flight in my DIY Motion Simulator and custom build controls. It’s a 2DOF motion rig, but considering the incredibly low build cost (under $500, including all controls) it’s incredibly immersive. A whole new level of VR immersion, in fact. I designed it as a universal VR cockpit that can work with any plane or helicopter and allows for intuitive and realistic operation. Everything that’s needed for the most intense phases of the flight is right under my fingertips at all times, there’s no need for a VR controller or a mouse during actual piloting anymore.

The build includes the following fully custom-built systems and controls:

  • 2DOF Motion platform with seat, driven by FlyPT Mover software (motion cues based on plane orientation and acceleration data)
  • 2 Vibration Transducers (buttkickers) driven by SimShaker software
  • Pendular Yoke with extended travel (frictionless hall sensors), convertible to Joystick / Cyclic configuration.
  • Encoder box with 6 dual encoders, 8 buttons and 3-pos switch (driven by custom MobiFlight profile)
  • Switch Box with lockable spring-loaded Gear Lever, 11 switches and 2 analog pots (MobiFlight)
  • Boeing 737-style Throttle Quadrant, 8-axis (2 Throttles, 2 analog thrust reversers, Speedbrake, Flaps, Prop, Mixture), TO/GA and T/A disconnect buttons, Trim Wheel, Aileron/Rudder trim knob, magneto rotating 5-pos knob, fuel cut-off switches, starter and APU start buttons.
  • HOTAS Throttle with analog Thumbstick, convertible to heli Collective control with RPM axis.
  • Left-side Switch Box with 9 switches and 3 analog pots.
  • Off-the-shelf Saitek rudder pedals (the only non-DIY control)

A comparable off-the-shelf setup would cost me ~$4500 and would not be as universal and intuitive as mine. I hope this project inspires other people to build their versions of motion VR rigs. Believe me, it’s worth the effort!

Feel free to refer to my previous topic and my first topic (now locked for replies) for build photos and progress. I’m creating this topic to continue the discussion…

All 3D design, sample configuration and 3D-printer files are available for a FREE DOWNLOAD (optional donation) at flightsimulation.romandesign.ca

Check out My MSFS Airports, along with free scenery packs: Ottawa CYOW, Toronto Buttonville CYKZ, Oshawa CYOO, Brampton CNC3 Available at [flightsimulation.romandesign.ca or at Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace, ORBX Direct, and simMarket.

Here’s a previous video, demonstrating oither control configurations:


That’s brilliant Roman! Very impressive! I’ve built 5 static simulators over the years. This would be wonderful as my final build, but I ordered the Yaw2 a year and a half ago. Still waiting. Perhaps I should have just built my own and asked you lol!
PS…have you seen the new SamScene Toronto City?

It was a fun project and it works much better than I imagined. I planned to maybe add one more motor if it works well, but it’s already so immersive that I scrapped that plan. I’m happy with it as it is.

Not yet, but I will check it out…

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I have built a 2DOF motion Sim chair.
I use “Simtools” Softare with the FS2020 plugin.

Is there a way to add “Ground roll” effects? And a bit of shaking/vibration during flight…
Or can I only do it with Body shakers?

When I take off the chair stays smooth until Liftoff.

Also Motion Compensation I would like to have. Is the only way to use with “FlyPT Mover” and SteamVR software?

I don`t want to deal with SteamVR because I have a HP Reverb G2 Windows Mixed Reality.
And it works very well.

Thank you