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Hello all,

Someone at FBW told me there should be a feature allowing to pop-out avionics on other machines coming out at the end of 2021.

In X-Plane, there’s a plugin allowing you to do so, only by network, and is cross-platform.

I was wondering if this was planned to be cross platform too, like I could pop-out the G1000s of the TBM930 on a Mac or a RaspberryPi.

Thank you!


Thats working with air manager v4 beta. its Free at the Moment, but this Tool is amazing.

here in the forum its a threat to work Hard.

garmin G1000 its complete working popout with All Button and knobs, on Touch Monitor.

Its easy and a great immersion

So it is possible? On another computer?
(Also, I updated things: I would like to pop-out G1000s on the TBM930, to simulate the 900, I’m not a big fan of the 930)

Yes it is possible with Air Manager’s companion app Air Player, not sure if or how it works with the beta, do your research on their website.