Honest Review: Bredok3D's CFM56 A320neo Sound Pro Pack 1-Xbox

NOTE: I have purchased this product with my money. I am not affiliated with Bredok3D or any other developer brands mentioned in any way. All thoughts, opinions, and sentences are my own.

Product Bredok3D A320neo CFM56 + Sound Pro Livery Pack 1
Price $8.99
Review Details (at time of rating) 3.7 out of 5
What is it? Updated engine, APU, and door sounds. Accurate Rain and Gear Roll. Includes 4 Liveries (Delta, Air France, Lufthansa, British Airways)

My Review 4.1 out of 5 Stars

This product is great for someone upping the realism of the A320neo. It has updated engine sounds and updated APU sounds. The product flies just like the regular A320neo, so it is clear no edits to the Flight Model have been made. The aircraft also has updated Gear Roll, Wind, Rain, and Windshield sounds.

The aircraft’s autopilot Altitude selected can and will sometimes freeze at 100 ft. Disengaging and re-engaging the autopilot fixes the issue. The Liveries are off from the actual airline in real life, so if you just want the liveries, invest in something cheaper (like 4Simmers or DC Scenery Design). Engines may cut out during flight, however, that is rare.

So, do I buy or not?
If you are on PC, this is a big fat no. Invest your money in something cheaper (or free) like the FlyByWire A320neo mod. There is even stuff on Flightsim.to you can download for free. If you are on Xbox (like me), and you want an updated A320 with cool and accurate sounds, then yes. However, be aware you may have to deal with some issues.

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Your last statement about dealing with some issues is the most underestimated statement of 2022

In my experience this developer is only churning out average products to earn a quick buck.
The majority of their output rarely gets updates. I purchased several when I first started flying in this sim.
His aircraft in particular are ‘abandoned’ and they are unresponsive to communication.

Luckily, especially for us limited xbox users, updates to the sim should be unlocking more high quality content, and hopefully half ar5ed developers will find it harder to take advantage of the limited options available.