Honeycomb Aeronautical Partnership -- Please fix input bugs

Just got my Honeycomb Bravo set up and it suffers from all of these issues. Heading will increase/decrease by 10 degrees instead of 1 degree. Altitude capture will go by 1000’ instead of 100’. Trim is absolutely wonky.

I would very much like if there was a quick and effective patch to fix this!


Just read it. Disappointed in Adobo for sure.

No I don’t think they actually test what they release. Quality speaks for itself.

Very interesting, thanks for posting!

I hear you. I’m really not looking forward to getting the HC Bravo anymore (well, I am for XP11 but …blah).

I love flight simulation but I am getting a bit tired of simulating the experience of managing a flight simulator. It’s like “Plug N Pray” all over again :roll_eyes: (hours to fix the printer, one sheet achieved… but it just jammed the blooming thing)

@MeridianSquid71 if your mind is made up to wait for a few months to settle would you not be best uninstalling, enjoying life and then reinstalling when you want to try again rather than putting yourself through a monthly spanking? Maybe you’re a masochist LOL :wink:

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G1wkr - My internet connection is so slow, it took over 2 days to download this in the beginning. So just keeping it up to date is way faster than uninstalling and then downloading it all over again.

I wont swear that uninstalling and reinstalling would not be the better way, if I have to do that I would just quit because it’s not worth waiting all that time. I appreciate the amount of work that has gone into this sim, my concerns is/are: they keep it seems going around in circles and nothing get completed, oh new scenery for sure.

As mentioned in another post, I cannot see Mt. St. Helens or the Statue of Liberty if flying at 30,000 feet. I am more concerned at that point not hitting another plane, the ATC directing me correctly, and the navigation systems not driving me into mountain. I have (according to log) about 40 hours of FT, but I know I have spent way more than that testing/learning/crashing/not completing flights because they just get impossible to complete. You don’t get credit for any of that time flown, lots of people say they have hundreds of hours completed, if that is so, they have thousands of hours in uncompleted flights/crashes, etc. I can fly in FSX around the world, yeah some buggy ATC, but FP works, ILS works, much less frustrating. And my favorite plane the C-17 from Virtavia is not now and possibly never going to make it into this Sim, because the development tools for it to be ported over are so broken and costly to purchase the small developers are just pushed out of the door. I could go on and on, and wish I was smart enough to learn how to build Airplanes, but am not, nor rich enough to buy all the software (nowadays you rent software-another ■■■■■) to make all the parts come together. It’s just too much work at my age.

Now over that time, if the new laptop purchased for this game takes a dump, I will then have to reinstall all of it once it’s repaired, so far it has not given me one bit of trouble. Knock on wood.

Apparently Asobo are including some additional support for the Bravo throttle (gear and annunciator lights), in the next sim update on the 23rd.

Does anyone know whether this will extend to include fixing the control acceleration bugs cause by always on switches?

Asobo, and to a lesser extent Honeycomb, really need to get this sorted now. As more and more of these popular units are delivered, the number of complaints will keep increasing. Not a good look for either party, given their ‘official partnership’ status.

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I hear you @MeridianSquid71 (Great user name by the way :wink: )!

I’m lucky enough to have decent internet, about 50MB/s, but as I’m rural it’s via 4G and data capped and the download loop is a huge issue here - I would like to do a full reinstall but can’t gaurantee it won’t eat 500GB or more just to download 100GB (nothing else does this). Like you, I’m sidelining MSFS until it settles.

I agree with you when you say there is nothing more frustrating than investing time and energy and then not completing a flight. So, I’m sticking with X-Plane 11 for anything ‘serious’ right now.

Take heart from the fact that many many people are getting a good experience from MSFS, it will mature and I’m sure the third parties will get on baord once they are able. I think, once, the SDK is more advanced a lot of the small developers will come back again - heres hoping!

Good luck with the new laptop :slightly_smiling_face:

Well thats some good news.

I predict the control accel / always on bug will remain :frowning: Hopefuly, I’ll be proven totally wrong!

Quick question, has Asobo publicly acknowledged this issue in any way, shape or form? I don’t watch the dev Q&As, has it been raised or mentioned there?

Public acknowledgement, not that I am aware of. Feedback from Honeycomb PM, yes, Asobo is aware.

They communicated as such when I raised the issue to them directly.

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Just checked HC website. No drivers set on there, they quote MS/Asobo for the LED lights to work on December 22 update. I also sent query on FSX drivers for it since I fly both. Will advise if I get answer. I would bet FSX does not see it and every lever/button has to be mapped, which I guess is good practice.

Bumping to the top. Need more votes to get any attention!

The problem is common for all devices that have switches (buttons with constant pressing), this is the topic where we have been collecting votes on this issue since October.

Heading Increment Bug (10 degree instead of 1) Explained - Self-Service / Bugs & Issues - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

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Does a release date exist for the joystick/throttel which can be seen in the video below at min 3:01?

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No, however at the rate that physical hardware receives updates in the sim it doesn’t matter because they wont work for months after they ship anyways.

Just received my bravo throttle quad and like mentioned above the autopilot goes up by either 400 or 1000 feet increments and the heading by and speed by 10 degrees/knots.
Has there been a fix for this released?

Yes there is ! Please see https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/fully-functional-honeycomb-alfa-and-bravo-configuration-1-deg-change-proper-trim-speed-all-lights-etc/344455?u=windrider975

I too have been so disappointed with these issues, just got a yoke and totally disappointed due to the experience, my throttle has been on order for months and I am inclined to cancel it as its just pointless if the switches wont work. I realise its not a honeycomb issue and I have raised a MSFS ticket but is there anywhere else I have to do to try and ‘vote up’ this issue towards a resolution. If there is please let me know as I will gladly undertake it.

Hey - I just wanted to say your post spurred me onto install the workaround and as you said it does indeed work extremely well. Thanks for highlighting this resolution

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Just found another bug. With the B787-XE if you put down the landing gear, the lights stay red and you get the landing gear warning when landing, however the wheels are down.
Anyone else run into this problem?