Honeycomb alpha and bravo control settings for heli in msfs2020

I need assistance in setting up my honeycomb controls and throttle settings for flying helicopters. I have looked at all tutotials but not one mentions the honeycomb setups. Have emailed honeycomb directly and there answer was none as of yet! As much as the alpha and beta setups cost , you would think they would be working on a program for helicopter flying in msfs2020. Do any sim,mers have a basic setup they could share for this frustrated simmer???

You’ll get a response from Honeycomb, they have terrible customer service. You really don’t want to use a yoke with a helicopter, it’s tiring pushing against the yoke tension, get a cheap joystick. I’m surprised a simple YouTube search doesn’t bring up bindings

got out my thrustmaster hotas and it works good thanks for advice