Honeycomb Alpha + Bravo or Wait for Turtle Beach Velocity One

Wondering what are people’s opinions on the upcoming Turtle Beach Throttle Quadrant and Yoke (Velocity One). My initial impression is that it looks pretty slick on their website. I am wondering whether I should wait for it or get a Alpha+Bravo set. I’m not in urgent need of gear (have HOTAS currently) but it would certainly be nice to have. Also the price difference between the two is not a major concern, just considering which is likely to be the better quality gear.

I have rudder pedals already from Milan Flight Gear so not too fussed about the rudder buttons on Velocity One (can always remap them to something else maybe trim).

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An alternative:

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Looks pretty cool! However I’d prefer a yoke to a stick.

I was more thinking about the quadrant.
It will be available at the end of the month, the Turtle Beach one who knows ?

Alpha/Bravo all the way. The V1 does not seem like it has a good setup for piston/turboprop twins. Less switches and buttons.

The next gen HC Alpha was announced and a big add is hall effect sensors. If anything I would wait for that.

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Would you combine that throttle with HC Alpha Yoke then or something else?

My opinion only, but the Turtle Beach Velocity One looks “cheap and plasticky” to me. When I first got MSFS I was on XBOX and was excited about the velocity one launch due to lack of other options. Once I switched to PC, I ordered the Alpha and Bravo right away as I (again my own opinion) don’t think any other peripherals compare when it comes to fit and finish, quality, feel, etc…


Sure ! I’ve never been disappointed by VKB products. A real good quality for a non-excessive price.
AFAIK the HC yoke is good, but if it’s not urgent effectively you’d better wait for the next model with Hall effect sensors. It’s a great level up from standard potentiometers in terms of precision, quality and durability.

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Good point, the Hall Effect sensors sounds pretty amazing.

Do yourself a favour and get a Fulcrum one yoke. None of that cheap plastic. I’ve also heard more and more people complaining about Honeycomb customer service when things don”t work.

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Oh wow this looks really awesome. I put in the pre-order just now. Now I just need to find a good throttle and am sorted!

did you ordered Velocity One?

I ordered Fulcrum One. It’s a bit of a wait time at the moment to get it.

Looks fine. Enjoy it once it comes.

For the price, it’s hard to find a better full setup straight out of the box that does everything a VelocityOne does, plus the compatibility and ease of use. I’m sure you’ve done your research though, and I hope you enjoy the product you’ve settled on!

The next batch of Fulcrum’s have just shipped I am told so you should have a tracking number by now I suspect.

You get what you pay for. The more they put in for a cheaper price means they are cutting back somewhere. It’s a personal choice of course but i think generally it’s better to pay more for individual components and accept that you will maybe have to add stuff gradually.
I think its sensible to keep the functions separate so a problem with one element does not end up affecting the use of the rest. It’s one of the reasons I haven’t been fully sold on the Bravo. Well that and the huge box with hardly anything filling it.

In the end it’s down to personal preference, I agree. The time, dedication, funds and effort you’d have to put in to a high end modular home flight deck is definitely admirable. Some home cockpits look really cool when they’re finished. I personally prefer something smaller too, and I like having it out of the way when I’m working at my desk. What setup have you got, Sling380?

Yes totally a personal choice. You can still fix modular units to a plate that gets moved etc. I’ve seen a few setup’s that have limited space and need to share an office desk that do something similar. As for me, I’ve had a few over the years ranging from a single joystick on my computer desk to what I have now with separate Fulcrum yoke, Thrustmaster TPR pedals and a home brew throttle quadrant made from a real piston twin unit and Air Manager for my instruments etc. Currently on a desk but trying to decide if I build/buy something standalone.

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Wow, sounds like you put a lot into that! The home brew real aircraft throttle quadrant sounds awesome, you must have engineering experience to rig that up surely?
Some friends of mine built something similar during lockdown, and managed to get their hands on a 180° wrap-around screen & projectors. Game changer in my opinion, regardless of the chosen controls setup!