Honeycomb Alpha sensitivity

(UPDATED 2021-02-21 I’m going back to linear from this, as I think it’s actually the on-screen yoke display that may be wrong. I compared against X-Plane 11 which seems to have about the same response to the linear input, but displays the on-screen yoke in the C172 perfectly aligned with my Honeycomb Alpha’s physical position. So I think it’s best to leave it at linear – 0% sensitivity on all axes.)

Here’s mine:

The +66 sensitivity is to compensate for the curve that Flight Simulator appears to insert between what it shows you here and the actual yoke or control stick. With this set, a C172’s simulated yoke roughly matches the movements I make on the Honeycomb Alpha yoke. (Without the sensitivity setting, it moves much too slowly near the center and much too fast near the edges.)

[Note this may be a bug in the display in MSFS. X-Plane has the same response to the linear input but shows the yoke moving correctly as expected with no modifications. I’ve switched back to using linear input.]

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