Honeycomb Alpha/TCA Throttle

Would this setup work? Since I can’t find a Bravo anywhere I wanted to use the Airbus TCA as my throttle for the time being. Worried that I will not have any options for throttle if this doesn’t work.

I currently use the TCA quadrant with Honeycomb Alpha and enjoy them together. You can find various YouTube videos on setting up the TQ for GA planes, which is what I have done.
Mixture on rhs throttle stick for example.
Like you I got fed up waiting for the Bravo - ordered mine in Sept 2020 from Amazon.co.uk - delivery date initially given was late Oct 2020.
Date kept getting later and later until I was advised in Dec 2020 that they did not know when it would be available.
Seems a similar situation to all other vendors (COVID and lack of supply of raw materials etc.).
I will almost certainly re-order Bravo once it is available again, but don’t regret my purchase of TCA TQ at all.
Regards, Alasdair (aka FlyBasher…).

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Thanks! I was looking mostly to use it on the CRJ and TBM so it sounds like this will work for me! Wish Adorama and B&H weren’t closed till Monday.

I fly the TBM quite happily - have not tried the CRJ so cannot comment.
On the TBM you should be aware that as it has the slightly “unusual” throttle control (rhs for idle then over to the lhs for taxi/flight, I have not yet been able to get this assigned properly to the TCA TQ - but I think this would be a similar problem for most TQs.
For the TBM from cold and dark you will need to use the mouse to deal with the rhs of throttle, but after this it is great.
Hope this does not confuse more than it helps!
Regards, A

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Nope makes sense! I have the quad set up for the CRJ so it sounds like I just need to put the Alpha in. What do you do use for Parking Break/Flaps etc…

Also what do you use for rudder control? I don’t have pedals yet

I treated myself to the “Addons” as well from Thrustmaster, so these cope with Parking Brake and Flaps and Landing Gear really well.
If you can manage it I highly recommend them.
For rudder control, I use pedals - which I purchased nearly a year ago when I first started flight simming. As it happens these are also Thrustmaster - again they work fine for me - others may have different recommendations of course.
Regards, Alasdair

I also have a StreamDeck which I use for various actions within the flight simulator - works great, and buttons on this can be basically assigned to anything you want (including Landing Gear, Parking Brake, Flaps etc.).

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I was looking at purchasing that as well to help with that situation. How did you program it? Does it take a long time?

I don’t recall finding it much of a problem - I did need to do the Calibration - there are several threads on here that discuss it, and also some YT videos as well.
Thrustmaster TCA Addon issues Is helpful.
Neo4316 is really knowledgeable and seems to give really sound advice imho.
Regards, A

Sorry how did you set up the stream deck? I have the airbus throttle calibrated and I have had no issues with that so far. Just worried about the stream deck and getting that calibrated.

I found the Stream Deck easy to configure - lots of YouTube videos help here.

Stream Deck | elgato.com is the Elgato website.

Means purchasing a bit of hardware, but I use it for lots of other things now - not just the flight sim. I got the XL and am pleased I spent the extra to get more buttons - you may be happy with a smaller version though?

Thanks for the info! Got the stream deck. Coming in the mail tomorrow. How did you program it for Flight Sim was my main question. I haven’t seen any good videos/tutorials on it. Looking to use it mainly for Gear/Flaps/Spoilers/Parking Break etc

Here are (hopefully!) pics of my main FS panel and the sub-panel that appears once “Take-off and Landing” button is pressed.

Basically your imagination is the only limit - the list of MSFS Keyboard shortcuts provides the details of what keyboard presses does what, so to speak, and buttons can be created as you want to do these.

Does this help? I think all will become much clearer once you actually have the StreamDeck in front of you and you start playing around with it. The icons (pics) for the buttons can be found on the internet and also I think may well be discussed at various places in this Forum.

Good luck!

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As an example, this might make interesting reading for you once you have got your head around how it is actually set up

Regards, A

Thanks! Helps a little! My big concern was finding the images. Not sure if that was something that was user created or what.

A lot of the button images/icons are the default ones that you can “Name” as you wish - and this is the Name that appears on the button.
Some of the buttons are “Custom” made by others and can be downloaded - you can have a hunt around and see how far you want to go in customising your own “Decks”.
All good fun!

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If you’ve got half an hour or so, the following vid from YouTube may clarify things for you a bit?

Regards, A

Thanks! Just came in the mail right now so I am going to fool around with it here shortly. Might hit you back up for some questions!

No problem with questions, but you should bear in mind I am very much a beginner at all this and am still learning myself.
If you want you can program buttons on the Stream Deck to control all flight controls (primary and secondary) - so for example: Rudder, as well as Aileron and/or Flaps and/or Elevator, and also Throttle should you wish.
Have fun!

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