Honeycomb Alpha Yoke starting the xcub

I’m trying to get to the bottom of some strangeness with my Honeycomb setup. Specifically I was trying to cold start the xcub as I’ve been using it in the Alaska bushflight I wanted to get a little more practise.

I’ve run into the light switch issue with the landing lights not working though the Strobe and Nav do. Bindings are setup for “Set” in the profile. I’ve also double checked that I haven’t got a duplicate binding on the throttle quadrant and that the buttons do respond in the binding screen.

The starter doesn’t seem to work right either. The magnetos setup properly but when I switch from Both to Start I can see the key turn in the cockpit and the engine attempts to start but then often cuts out. If you mouse over the key you can see after a second or so it flickers to off which often causes it to fail to start. Monitoring the same button using another application doesn’t show the state of it changing which implies it it something in the sim that is doing it.

Have I just fallen foul of some dodgy updates to MSFS or have I possibly set something up wrong.

See this thread; this seems to be an issue where the amount of time the starter stays active isn’t enough to trigger start on all planes, so you may need to use the mouse for the starter or else do a custom control configuration:

Ahh so another example of a long standing bug just left to rot

Works fine for me - this is what I have bound to the starter key for my Alpha to make it work.

Which of those works on the xcub or are both mandatory?

I have both bound at once, and the Xcub works.

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I’ll see if it works with just the starter bound then as a work around while we wait to die of old age for them to fix the bug.

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When I try this it sometimes works. Sometimes it will catch and start the engines but watching the key on the 3D dashboard I can see it flicks back off and on from time to time. If that happens to at the wrong moment in the start up then the engine cuts out.

I’ve checked the controller to make sure that the button state isn’t changing so it appears to be something in the sim that’s not behaving itself.