Honeycomb Bravo detent problem

Is this normal?

When using 4 engines mode, numbers 2 and 3 make a double stop when reaching the detent, while 1 and 4 only does one stop.

I feel it’s pretty safe to say this is not normal. I have had 2 Bravo units, and in both all 6 have a single detent. I strongly suspect you’re hitting wiring (but could be wrong. If possible, peek in there with a flashlight with the handles removed. My first unit had very loose wiring and I could easily see, second unit does not (as badly.)

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Thank for your response. Do you mean the cables inside? They are pretty inside so i don’t know how could it be.

But if I don’t have the levers on, it doesn’t happen, or if i have them in but lose. Only when i push it to the limit it’s hitting like this. I tried to look where it’s hitting, but i can’t

Well first of all, this is definitely non-standard behaviour and I would consider returning the unit.

The centre two levers (engines 2 & 3 in your setup) are indeed different, the plastic cover on them has a narrow lip in the detent region. This however should only come into play with the Airbus Throttle Pack!

The Airbus levers have a special tab on the bottom that interferes with the lip and won’t let you accidentally engage revers thrust unless you pull the reverser levers first. But even with those levers you only really feel one detent. And the default Boeing levers don’t have this feature.

I assume that your levers somehow go down lower than they should and somehow get caught on the plastic. You could try to fix it yourself somehow, but if it’s still under warranty, I would just return it. Honeycomb does have issues with quality control on the Bravo, I’m also on my second unit.