Honeycomb Bravo - Flap switch not working

Has anyone experienced intermittent Joystick 15 and 16 (Flap up and down) not working? When trying to manually assign the switch via scanning, MSFS does not recognize it. My workaround is to bind page up/down keys on keyboard but I really want to use the Bravo!

I am currently a student Pilot so I use my Sim to practice on a 172.

I say intermittent because I had this problem a few months ago and it mysteriously went away. Now the problem has returned

Have you tried using the Joystick L-Axis Z ? I use the Flap lever from the commercial package in the flaps slot. Bind it at -100 to +100, reverse axis. It gives finer control of flaps position. Clear the other flap assign.

That certainly depends on which plane you’re flying.
Using the lever would make little sense in the C172, which is what the OP mentions.

@OP: It does sound like your Bravo needs a service check, doesn’t it? How does it look in the Windows calibration app? If the buttons don’t light up consistently there, I would not hesitate to contact Honeycomb Aeronautical.

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Why? That’s what I use it for. It’s the only plane I use other than the Corsair. I can move the flaps as little or s much as I want. Don’t have that much control with the other flap lever. It seemed to be all or nothing.

In a 172, do you actually have that fine of control? I thought there were preset flap position IRL 172’s. If that is indeed the case I too would prefer to use the switch because adding finer control where that doesn’t exist in the IRL aircraft wouldn’t make sense to the sim experience.

Yes, that is correct. In the sim anyway. I know nothing about the real 172. If the real 172 has preset positions, then it would seem it cannot be replicated by the external controls such as the Bravo. The switch only has down or up. To me, that means the flaps can only be realistically set from the cockpit. Am I correct? Naturally, since I was unaware of this, I haven’t tried it.
Does the real 172 have only up and down ?

Ok. I checked the 172 cockpit. I understand your reasoning. The flaps switch seems to have 3 stops. I don’t recall after all these months, but that may be why I switched to the big lever. The Bravo switch doesn’t work that way, at least I couldn’t make it work. With the big lever, I can simulate the intermediate steps.

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I haven’t checked recently, but if I remember the C172 cockpit (in the sim), there’s a control very like the rightmost control on the Bravo main panel, and a separate flap indicator alongside it. Each time you press the control up or down, the indicator moves up or down one notch showing the current position of the flaps. In other words, it appears that the way you go from full to 0 in the real plane is by pressing the control upwards three times. Whether this is correctly understood, a real pilot must tell me.

Anyway, I have mine set up to mimic just that, but I needed to use the correct config handles in the sim, i.e., the ones that move only one notch. Don’t remember what they’re called, exactly.

Thank you. Now I’m correct. The bindings are Increase Flaps and Decrease Flaps. I set them up and watched the cockpit control and the flaps. Each time I pressed the switch up or down, the control indicator and the flaps moved a step.
By the way, I looked at some references for the real 172 and it appears that is how the controls work.

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Thanks everyone for your comments. Unfortunately none of them seem to help. Flap switch still not working and now the auto pilot is stuck on. Beside myself as I spent a lot of money and can’t fly my sim!

Hallelujah I think I solved it. I found a post about disabling power management on the USBs. Things are working now after a reboot! One remaining thing is on my Logitech radio panel Com 2 doesn’t light p. Oh well, at least progress and I can fly the plane!

Hmmm , what an interesting solution. It would seem to suggest that the USB power mgmt regulates voltage differently when in use.

I am having the same issue. No working flaps via the Honeycomb Bravo. I’d rather not remap the flaps to another switch or lever. The USB solution that worked for the thread author didn’t work for me. Does anyone have another solution?

BTW: The flap lever is recognized by 3rd party software (SPAD.nEXT) so I’m thinking it’s more of a software issue.

Forgive me if I misunderstand, but are you saying you have the Bravo flaps lever assigned in both SPAD and the sim? I use SPAD and made sure there are no keybinds for that lever in any of the sim profiles.

In my case, the problem was an add-on. Works fine with all my add-ons removed. I’ll have to work through to determine which one.

Thanks for your help.