Honeycomb bravo: Heading button works not as warten

In the following video you can at ~ 11:15 see , pressing the HDG-button automaticly turns the the HDG-bug to the actual heading. This dosen’t work at my bravo. Please help.

Which video are you talking about if I may ask?

Incorrect behavior of the default Garmin avionic. I assume you use the NXi which has been fixed.

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Yes, I use the NXi mod

Yes, that explains it. The actual garmin doesn’t set the heading bug when selecting the heading mode, and the NXi mod is more realistic to the real device.

You must push the heading knob to set the heading bug to the current heading. (You will have to do this on screen, with the mouse, or with a custom binding.)

as far as I am aware there is none yet for HDG sync.

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Thanks for your explaination