HoneyComb Bravo Lights Not Working

I’ve lost my lights on my Bravo and can’t get them back. I added a mod, Better Bravo Lights and didn’t like it and deleted it but now I’ve lost my Bravo lights. I deleted the AFC Bridge and redownloaded it but still no lights. Does anyone have any idea what might be going on or better yet how to fix it. Thanks for any help!

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There are also some similar topics discussing issues where the lights don’t work. I’m not sure if they are entirely the same as your issue, however you can take a look here:
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In your content manager, under “not installed” does AFC_BRIDGE show up? (meaning the SIM sees it).

Yes it does, won’t let me do anything with it though. In MSFS 2020 Add On in Community folder it shows up to but says could not read the manifest.jason file. Don’t know what that means.