Honeycomb bravo none of the axis work?

Hi all
Just plunged in the honeycomb bravo throttle and none of the axis work.
I have the default selected
If I try and change them they become a switch (on or off)
If I check them in sensitivity it looks fine
but I cant get anything to work in the sim
I don’t think its the hardware as the axis are working fine in P3D V5 and X plane 11
Any suggestions?

Hi all
Quick update, I noted in a thread below that for some reason you need to delete all the axis’s and start again. I did this and now al the axis’s work fine.
Now if only they would fix the 10DEG bug!!

Didn’t work for me. none of the Axes are movable in the game. When checking under Windows 10 or when using P3D, they work fine. Poor show from Asobo

Even though I thought that I had correctly mapped all Bravo levers I’m using following Rmag’s very nice YouTube tutorial, I found for Throttle 1 that I had somehow mistakenly mapped it to L-axis Y-. Once I cleared that and remapped it to L-axis Y by input scanning, it works great. I’d try similar for any levers that aren’t working right for you. Honeycomb Bravo Throttle Quadrant axis not moving in Sim - #3 by JALxml

yeah totally odd, i thought something was broken

just deleted and remapped them and it works fine