Honeycomb Bravo Throttle Lights Not Working Xbox

Hi All,

Some help please.

I am using Xbox X and have connected the Alpha and Bravo correctly.

The lights for the bravo do not switch on.

I know there are many threads on this issue but I could not find one for the Xbox.

If someone could help kindly.

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Thanks a bunch mate.

If I may ask, many of the controls on bravo (example, toggle camera) not working. Do they require manual binding?

I thought they work out of the box when connected to Xbox.

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Thanks for the link. All answers there on binding as well in a video.
EDIT: Jeez. No. Can’t get the toggle camera to work.
EDIT Ok. I got it sorted. It was “me” :slight_smile: The video on the thread posted answer posted above is super useful. Just takes a few test hardware profiles to understand how to set it up. Also, keyboard and mouse very helpful for a more comfortable setup experience.

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