Honeycomb Bravo Throttle quadrant

I just received my Bravo throttle quadrant. However, the throttle/props/mixture are all stuck in 50%. Nothing works. I am trying to figure this out with all the sites but presently overwhelmed at this time. Also, the LED lights don’t work. Any answers? I just joined this site so I will be searching. Thank you

There’s a common problem where you have to unbind the axes and rebind them before they work. Be sure to try this!

you also need to download the software fromm ‘FlyHoneycomb’ if you haven;t already

Throttle Quadrant: Honeycomb Bravo Throttle Quadrant arrived today, need to configure settings out of box - #85 by Heavenwater

LED Fix: Honeycomb Downloads – Honeycomb Aeronautical

His videos helped me a ton - he has several about the Bravo - here is just one - to help configure all the different profiles:

Also have a look at Simhanger…https://www.simhanger.com/

Thank you. Will give it a try. Stay safe, be well.

I did that. Thank you. Be well, stay safe.

Will look at that. Thank you. Be well, stay safe.

I just reloaded the throttles, props and mixture. Had to check reverse axis. Guess what…it worked. Thank you.

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excellent…very satisfying isn’t it?

Yes it is. What a magnificent system! Will now try to reconfigure the switch panel to meet my needs. Until next time thank you.

Can anyone provide assistance on using the Bravo Throttle.
I have it setup as a twin engine prop.
The problem I find is that Axis 1&2 (from left to right) go from 0 to 50% in Sim then jump from 50-100% full throttle. This doesn’t leave any subtle changes with rpm especially on landing.
Any help to get a more linear control through the rpm range.