Honeycomb Bravo : wrong warning lights up

I have re-mapped almost all of the buttons/switches on the Bravo throttle, because I can already control the aircraft lights with the yoke. They mostly work, but for examply “Pitot heat” is mapped now in the sim to the third button on the left, but when I disable it, the “anti ice” warning light comes up unstead of the “pitot heat”. So the in-sim mapping is correct, but the Bravo seemingly keeps the warning lights to the default.

Also, the trim wheel is just not good. I need to rotate it way too much and hard to get a significant adjustment on the trim wheel. Might as well use my mouse for it, which takes away from the realism.


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That trim wheel is simulating correctly in my opinion. If you’ll watch the trim wheel in a 737 for example, it takes quite a number of spins during trimming. More turns needed gives higher accuracy.

I fly GA mostly

In a Cessna 152 or 172 it takes about a hundred spins or so (it feels like this at least, didn’t count) if you want to trim the initial climb. Even when turning slowly to accommodate for the encoder delay. You can even see that when watching the trim wheel in the cockpit. To your full 360 degree spin it rotates about 0.5 to 1 degree in the cockpit.
Not a pilot but I don’t think it is that unresponsive.
Pilot anyone with the bravo here?

I’m now using the AuthentiKit Tuning App. Which does work (somewhat) but it’s kinda stupid/strange that neither in MSFS nor in the Honeycomb software, there’s a way to adjust the sensitivity. I understand this is a ‘keypress’ trim wheel, but if a 3rd party app can provide what’s needed to make this useful (adjust how many presses are sent to the sim) then it should be possible to adjust this in-sim too, especially since trim is such an important tool for GA flyers.

Even more so if you are on Xbox like I am, since there is no way of using third party software.

@LapinoBEL My bravo does not have a pitot light. It all comes under the anti-ice heading.