Honeycomb Charlie Rudder Pedals

Anybody got to try these? They look nice.
Honeycomb Charlie

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They look good, all metal, good guarantee too.

They haven’t been released yet. Unless someone’s somehow a beta tester, you can only pre-order them then wait.

The web page said “SOLD OUT” but I saw the pre-order pending, whilst placing a pre-order for the the new Honeycomb Alpha XPC.

I just got the HC Alpha and Bravo a few weeks ago and they are great, the throttle is really amazing! BUT, for the same money (give or take $10) you can get Virpil pedals. ALL metal, not just the pedals. And Virpil now has a US webstore, shipping center. And you can choose heel on the floor or heel on pedal versions. Or spend a bit more and get the “Collection” with both pedal types like I did. Don’t mean to steer sales from HC, I’m a fan! But especially if the Charlie isn’t shipping. Give Virpil a consideration. They feel so good! Very flexible for different mounting options, etc. I could not be happier with my VPC Ace Collection Pedals! As long as you don’t mind some of your money ending up in Belarusian economy, I think much of their manufacturing is there, but they moved business operations to Latvia I think? Lithuania? And Virpil has indicated support/sympathy with Ukraine, at least symbolically.

One thing I am curious about with the HC Charlie pedals is the damping? The Virpils could use a little bit more damping. There’s a few mods out there for this type thing.

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Thanks for sharing and good to know. I was looking at the Thrustmaster’s. Very expensive.

Virpil, I can personally attest to the quality of Virpil. I have the TM-3 Throttle unit, and the mongoose base and VFX stick, excellent, top of the line. If was going to get rudder pedals, Virpil for me. The best is always the cheapest, quality tops out for me.

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The price reflects the sales volumes and the quality. They are all metal, very well made pedals.

I believe Virpil’s setup is that their manufacturing is in Belarus in a special economic zone where they don’t need to pay taxes to Luka’s government (which is not that bad compared to Made in PRC, really). They then have their EU logistics centre in Lithuania.

Good to know. Thanks.

Not tried Virpil (although have heard they are very good), but I use these rudders which seem good to me (albeit not that cheap at euro 215):

They do great joysticks too

The Thrustmaster pedals look gorgeous. But I just don’t want anything that big under my desk. I can move the Virpil pedals aside and the don’t bother me when not in use. That and the heel on floor or heal on pedal options offer flexibility I want. I’d love to try the Thrustmaster pedals, they look great. I was less impressed by the TM Warthog throttle. The Warthog stick felt good, solid. but there are reports of them not wearing poorly. Returned the Warthog HOTAS. I got a great deal on a Virpil stick and throttle used, perfect condition and absolutely love them, the Virpil throttle is much better built than the TM throttle. So, I use the Virpils for HOTAS and the HC for yoke aircraft.

I hear good things, but I need full pedal pads. But if you want a simpler setup with the bar type pedals, the VKBs look well crafted.

No problem, the other plus for me is that the VKB move vertically, which works much better with a wheelie office chair!

I have those too and love them. Rock solid on laminate floor, just as long as you keep dust away, no need for mounting. Won’t push office chair around in use even if you don’t get locks for the wheels, since the motion is almost up-down. Very small profile and light weight despite the metal construction, easy to set aside. Smooth and precise, though I have had occasional need to recalibrate them. On down side, no physical toe brakes, short range of movement, no option for damper from manufacturer yet (last which in particular is a shame for helicopter pedals).

I wouldn’t consider them expensive. They are comparatively cheap, the competition below them is the mediocre trio of budget pedals and the competition (with toe brakes) above them costs 150-200€ more. Note that VKB’s EU retailer includes VAT, unlike Virpil’s and MFG’s webstores.

For differential brakes I have the OEM’s T-Link software’s virtual brake function set always on via virtual button. That means the virtual toe brake axes the pedals come pre-programmed with are set to constant 100%, except when I’m depressing either pedal in which case the opposite brake gets proportionally released (fully released on the opposite side at 100% rudder deflection). I then have both the virtual brake axes on the pedals merged with a brake lever axis on my other controllers, minimum method merge (highest input discarded) with Joystick Gremlin. In essence, my braking comes from the brake lever, except if I’m depressing either pedal in which case the minimum from the virtual toe brake takes over.

It’s bit clunky and I’d wish the OEM would offer better software support for the virtual toe brakes (currently they only work nice out of box if you couple them with Gunfighter with MCG grip), but ultimately it works and in the end it basically does all what toe brakes are supposed to do: gives you fine enough brake control to stop your aircraft nosing over when you brake and provides steering assistance when the rudder isn’t effective or enough.

That being said I have ultimately become toe brake jealous again and I’m kinda considering new pedals, hopefully with larger range of movement on top. I already dismissed the TPRs and Crosswinds since I don’t want to bother with a mounting. So it seems I’m down to Charlie, the Virpil heel-in-floor types and Slaw Device. On the other hand I’d rather want a OEM fitting for motorcycle steering damper which is only provided by MFG and Slaw Device. So it seems I’m narrowing my choice down to the hand crafted, extravagant Slaws. Hm.

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Thanks for that information. I was considering those TM Warthog items. Just got the NEW Honeycomb XPC Flight Yoke and it seems very nice. I’ve got 10 minutes of flight time on it.
My Logitech Rudder Pedals are bulky in the floor and are mounted to a stand. So I’m upgrading but not in a hurry. My Honeycomb Alpha will be on Craigslist soon.

Damping the Virpil ACE pedals is a whole topic for a thread!!! So I made one:

I saw a new HC Yoke was on the way just after receiving my Alpha/Bravo bundle. But while mildly peeved I didn’t get the newest fancy thing, the new one wasn’t actually available and I wanted them without delay and got my bundle below list price. But reading about the new one, I didn’t see anything that looked really important to me. Sure better sensors with 4 times the precision is nice, but I have zero complaints about the precision or feel of the yoke I got?? The restyled grill is nicer, but not a big difference. Sounds like maybe they added Xbox support, and I think that may have required an adapter before? Irrelevant to me, I don’t own any consoles. Did you have any more than minor complaints with the original Alpha that had you get this new yoke, or just wanted the newest, best yoke?