Honeycomb Gear

Hey all. I was browsing facebook marketplace for the honeycomb yoke and throttle. Typically the throttle is A. out of stock or B. $300 on trusted websites, but I haven’t found 1 listing on facebook marketplace for over $200 before shipping and tax. The lowest I’ve found is around $100… and apparently they’re all new. Am I missing something or is facebook marketplace that untrustworthy?

Do you know they are out of business and anything you purchase is at your own risk?

I don’t use FB marketplace, but thanx for the reminder I gotta put my yoke up on eBay

IMO, if it is too good to be true, it probably is. Consider the purchase a gamble. Is losing $100 - $200 a big deal to you? If it is, don’t gamble.


I dunno, I found the hardware to be decent quality. It’s a shame the company is all but dead. The account I read has the company going down the drain because of shady accounting and financial choices made by the Chinese partner.
For me, it comes down to preferring my VKB flight stick. It’s better suited for most of what I fly, so I just never bother dragging the honeycomb out

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The Alpha is bomb proof and easy repairable if you have a little skill, stock 10k pots and potentiometer sliders, if the main board failed you can fit a Leo Bodnar BU0836A 12-Bit Joystick Controller. As for FB market place, use PayPal and screenshot everything in case it’s a scammer, even video opening the parcel, PayPal will protect you if you have the evidence

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Thanks! Yes, the screenshotting is a good plan. My main concern is that they say it’s new but it’s really used…

Yea, I’ve never had a PCB fail in any simflight gear. I came close when salt water splashed on my Virpil throttle & I lost an axis for a few months, then it came back. I’ve had pots go bad, especially in thrustmaster stuff. I’ve had a wire assembly go bad between the base and gimbal of my flight stick, but that was an easy fix.
Most failures come from things that move/flex/rub .

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That has more red flags than a toreador in Seville.

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