Honeycomb, please say something : ( (Xbox support)

Supply chain issues and R&D/production/shipping delays are totally expected and understandable - this isn’t an upset thread by any means. But as an Xbox flyer who’s had a Bravo sitting in the box for awhile waiting on any kind of news regarding the new Alpha XPC yoke and Xbox hub, it has really been kind of a disappointing pattern of radio silence from Honeycomb as far as where they’re at in the process. Q42021 has turned into…??? And again - that’s okay! It’s cool if things are delayed. But I’ve been envious of PC flyers for a long time with respect to available peripherals and that finally seemed like it was about to come to an end and now we’re just not really hearing anything.

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Last update was Q1 2022 (from their facebook posts). The Charlie Rudder Pedals are supposed to launch March 31st, so maybe everything will roll out around the sametime.

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If their production is still in Hong Kong, or China, every time case of COVID happens in any city, China’s policy is to shut down the whole city. That disrupts all business and logistics. Big Reason why business is moving from China to India and other places or bringing home production. Intel is building two new fab plants, one in AZ and one it IL, because it’s cheaper to do it here than have delays in shipping and production issues far away. Now about that insulin.

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Intel is also planning a plant in Ohio SEE" Intel chooses Ohio for semiconductor factory | JobsOhio

Maybe it was OH instead of IL. Just new of those. Thank you for the information. Honeycomb needs to bring production back to US or Europe. People need jobs to pay all those taxes in CA.

I think it’s still in Hong Kong, at least that’s where their accessories are coming from (just got a couple.)

Curious what lead time did it take? MS71

I also just received today a dust cover and GA trim wheel cover - about 3 weeks from order placed to received.

Wow, three weeks aint bad atall. Umm, it took about 5 weeks from order placement to Virpil TM3 received, two weeks of that was item stuck in Paris and Indy, IN weather and no workers. Gosh what a world we live in today. It will take me as long as it took to get it, to get the thing configured correctly in MSFS. Don’t think all of it will work in FSX, and I aint going to try in X-Plane 11 until MSFS is perfect, and I have torn out all hair in FSX. Long story, favorite plane, needs to be fixed in XP, with plane maker, and that is a struggle for me.

Oh, my Honeycomb Bravo Throttle Quadrant (original box, everything there) is for sale. Personal messages might get to me if interested.