Honeycomb Support No Response [SOLVED]

I opened a ticket back in April, and they responded said my Alpha Yoke would need to go back for repair. I had to fill out some forms to send to them and they’d send me back a shipping label. Since then, no response. I’ve emailed, went in the portal. Opened a ticket about my ticket falling in a crack. No response. Anyone else having similar experience with their support? I tried Facebook too, nothing.

Have you tried calling them? Here is a link to their support page with a phone number. They are located in San Diego, California.

I know that they are basically not producing any product currently due to the massive worldwide chip shortage but if anything that should only give them more time freed up for customer service.

Good luck and keep us posted on your outcome.

Luckily for me, they are only 90 miles south of me. Should I have the need for any repairs I would likely drive the unit down there myself rather than ship it.

Thank you, I’ll try calling them. I’d figure their online support portal would be the preferred method.

This exact thing is happening to me! I believe that Honeycomb Aeronautical is in serious financial trouble as they are not responding to multiple attempts like you described. I have tried over 6 times in every channel. I think they are asking for equipment back to resell again and screwing current customers. I believe they are trying to get away with this until their cash situation clears up (if ever). I would be warning everyone to not purchase any of their equipment.

I have no other avenues to pursue outside of getting one of my lawyers involved. Keep me posted if you make any progress as will I.



Why do you say this? This is a very bold statement and what you are claiming is fraud. If you have any evidence you need to produce it.

They have been, at least to my knowledge up front about their inability to ship product however like so many manufacturers the problem is the lack of components, mainly computer chips that has caused the severe backlog and shortage of product.

If you have information regarding their financials maybe you can be a little more specific. Otherwise it seems you are just bashing a manufacturer of a product that has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from the vast majority of the simmers who own their products. I do hope FAZE gets the support he needs but making negative statements without any evidence is not beneficial to company or the community.

Here is a recent statement regarding the production issues they are experiencing.

Again, if you have evidence of what you claim then you should produce it. Otherwise I think your post should be removed.

I understand your concern about my post without actual facts to back up my assumption. What are facts are:

  1. I sent back to Honeycomb a defective throttle on their request.
  2. They have not responded to 7 different emails to both support and info just asking for status.
  3. They have not responded to 3 voice mails left.
  4. This same thing has happened to at least one other person (see thread).

I do not know their financial situation. I do know the above behavior is indicative of a failing company. There is no way in the world I think anyone should buy any product from a company that can’t even communicate with customers whose products they requested back no matter how great the reviews of their product might be. Being able to create a great product is different from being able to run a successful and ethical company.

The post should remain in my view as a warning to others.



I agree with Pupdogood keep on here

Well with just that little bit more of an explanation I can see your frustration and yes, it very well is warranted. My apologies as it wasn’t clear from your first post that you were one who has sent back a unit and now are not getting any response from them. I agree with you 100% that regardless of the product, customer service is just as important as quality. I certainly hope this is not the case and that they will make good on your return and at the very least should be responding to your requests for information.

Please keep us updated as to the outcome. I’m sure many of us are hoping for the best.

After posting my last response, I thought I would try calling again to see if there was any way I could speak to a human. I had previously left 3 voice mails. And lo and behold someone picked up (supposedly the director of marketing), looked things up, tried to explain lack of communication as a result of support being overwhelmed, switching support platforms, and today being the first day back in the office. Not incredibly convincing but he was apologetic and said I should receive a replacement unit within 2-3 weeks. I’ll keep you posted.

Similar situation, lodged a ticket over two weeks ago regarding my Bravo.
After the first week I emailed and got a response that someone was looking at it. At the end of the second week emailed again and now a week and a half weeks after the last contact no further response.
Is this going to be, “we have your money now go away”
Don’t get me wrong, love the product but, the customer service is very poor.
Hopefully being in Australia there won’t be to many issues if it needs to go for repair.

Finally got a response from them. I ended up calling multiple times, and finally got someone on the phone. They apparently have recently switched their support ticket portal to Zendesk, and after I spoke to the person, they migrated my ticket to the new system. (Someone had some pretty poor migration planning here, and leaving the old system up is super confusion to the customer). Anyhow, I’m no further ahead yet, still waiting for my shipping instructions to return my Alpha which is having clunking noises when I use it. I’ll keep this up to date on my progress.

Thanks for the update. Fingers crossed you get some support soon!

The title of this post just about says it all.
Honeycomb, you had your chance. It has now been four weeks since lodging a
ticket and so far the only response I have got was after sending an email, them saying someone was looking at the issue.
I have since sent two further emails to no avail.
Honeycomb very happy to take your money but, your customer service (right \here I chuckle at using this term) is absolutely p155 poor.
How about being a responsible company and looking after the people who have supported you by buying your products.,

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I tried about a month ago to reach out for an issue with the throttle levers as it seems to have completely lost tension. I had no response for 2/3 weeks and then I noticed the switch to zendesk last week so I had to resubmit my ticket again. Here’s to hoping they get to it soon.

I have a similar support situation. Took 2/3 weeks to get a response back in April for a faulty sensor, finally got an RMA with a shipping label. Sent the unit in first week of may. Had not heard anything back for 8 weeks, sent almost a dozen emails as they originally advised the replacement should be complete in a couple weeks. Finally called today and spoke with someone who immediately transferred my ticket and issued an order confirmation for the replacement unit. I advise anyone reading this to phone them (took a lot of tries also) as the migration to Zendesk seems to be very botched. Once I had someone on the phone it seems like things started moving again. Here’s hoping that they can get the new unit to me soon, it’s been months without my yoke now.

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This is very disheartening to hear. I hope Honeycomb can get their customer service act together soon. If I didn’t already own an Alpha and Bravo, I’d certainly think twice before acquiring them now, after reading about all these problems. Months without resolution on a warranted product is simply inexcusable. I understand they are quite behind in production and albeit no fault of theirs but to not keep a number of new units on hand for warranty fulfillment is also inexcusable.

My Alpha is on its way back to California for repair.
It went out via FedEx, and should be there this week.
Here’s hoping to a speedy repair, I’ll follow up with the progress.
Biggest issue seemed to be the migration from an older customer support portal to the newer support portal on ZenDesk. Make sure your ticket is in the new portal.

Well, here’s to hoping you get quick resolution however not hearing from any of the others who’ve posted in this thread that they’ve received good results (or any results at all for that matter) still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth regarding Honeycomb Aviation.

Did they provide you with an RMA and paid shipping? Normally this wouldn’t even be a question as it would be “assumed” that they would cover the shipping both ways but it seems everything needs to be questioned now.

I have been pretty pleased with my HC yoke and TQ. I can understand if they are struggling at this point. There accounts receivable came to a screeching halt not being able to ship much or any product for months. I guarantee there accounts payable kept showing up. Lease, electric bill, employees to answer the phone and deal with returns etc. Hopefully they can turn it around in time we need them as a source of competition for similar products in order to assure decent product for a fair price. Its probably fair to say if they could have fulfilled demand they would not be having any money problems right now and then I would not be sticking up for them at all

They paid for shipping, they provided a pre-paid FedEx label.