Honeycomb XPC issue with XBOX

Im interested in how you got the bravo to work with x box xs and hub I asume thanks Graham

I built a pc, bravo still won’t work well with xbox

I am using the Alpha Yoke which is connected to the Xbox, the Bravo Throttle Quadrant is connected to Alpha Yoke via the Xbox Hub. Both work perfectly except for the lights, that is as is known/expected at the moment. Will be resolved in the upcoming or in one of the next few updates. The Saitek/Logitech rudder pedals are terrible, however, having no other option I am currently using them, and of course, though not great, they do work. The are also connected via the hub. No other rudder pedals work except these. Awaiting the release of Charlie Rudder Pedals.

I am a new MSFS user, purchased my XBox Series X, Alpha XPC and Bravo Throttles and XBox Hub… everything on the Alpha works great, but only the 1 throttle works on the Bravo. All other levers, switches and trim wheel don’t work at all. It’s odd to me that everything works for some, not all. I’ve tried creating new profiles, removing all button/lever assignments and re-map everything… still nothing except the one throttle lever working. Incredibly frustrating that it’s stated compatible but doesn’t work properly.

Anyone else have theirs start working or figure out a fix besides waiting for the update to come out?


Seems very strange, why is one control working and not the others. Would you have a windows machine to connect these to, and check if the controls are working/not working on a pc? There are some YouTube videos on how to test and calibrate honeycomb controls on a pc. If they don’t work on a pc, then clearly you need to send the unit back for refund.

I have a PC (work laptop) but there’s no way I can run MSFS on it. Is it possible to connect and calibrate without having the full MSFS on my laptop? Quite curious about the possibility of this…I will do some searching as well but very interested to know if anyone here has done this and had any success…


Try completely restarting MSFS and your console while having the honeycomb setup connected. Try also starting the console via the XPC Xbox button or start the XPC as soon as the Xbox starts.
That works for me every time I have connection issues with the setup.

Thanks for the suggestion. Still having the same issues where only the one throttle works. I tried to map any of the other throttle levers for Throttle 1 and none of the other levers activate when scanning for the input. Pretty frustrated and am going to return all my Honeycomb stuff unless there’s a miraculous fix in the next few days. Sigh.