Honeycomb Yoke and Bush trips

Anyone having issues with using the Honeycomb yoke in bush trips?
1)In bush trips, when taking of the plane veers to the left and yoke is of no use.
2)When in normal flight (free flight), the same plane reacts correctly to any input using the Honeycomb.

In fact on any bush trips all airplane are impossible to control when taking off. Outside of bush trips they react correctly.

You must have the assisted rudder/assisted take offs turned on in the assistance settings. However, these work in the world map flights but on bush trips, you are locked out of all assists.

By the way, the pull to the side is real world behavior. On almost every plane you must hold the rudders on taxi and take off due to the torque forces. MSFS exaggerates it a little bit but it’s not a bug.

I use a honeycomb as well but I don’t have pedals unfortunately. When I’m going to do a bush flight, I connect my T16000M to take off and land.



Thanks much for your quick reply. That solved it… Sigh… Use the old hotas for bush and the new honeycomb for other flights. Pedals, ummm maybe later. For now its fine. Appreciate your help

You’re welcome man!

Thanks. I’m having the same issue and this should help.