Honeycomb Yoke and TBM 930 Taxi and Landing

Just got this toy but can’t seem to get the taxi and landing lights to bind correctly. I think it may be because of the 3-position switch in the SIM. I tried “Set” and “On and Off” with no luck. They just bounce between taxi and landing but never off.

Has anyone resolved this?

I have the same issue. The TBM is somewhat unique with the 3-way switches in the overhead. I’ve even tried programming actual on-off-on switches using Mobiflight and I haven’t been able to figure them all out. I think it’s the way it’s coded. In any case, it would be nice if Asobo & Honeycomb would get together on this and release a profile or something.

Did anybody get a solution?

With MixMugs TBM mod, my Bravo switches map well. But the stock one? Nope.