Honeycomb Yoke > what to add?

Currently use a Honeycomb Yoke and a cheap Logitech throttle. Kinda dislike the throttle, but due to physical limitations no option to use rudders either. So I’m either considering a Honeycomb Throttle, which would give me a nice trim wheel and throttle, but still no rudder control. Also considering to sell the Yoke/Throttle and get the Airbos TCA pack, which would allow for rudder control by twisting and seems pretty nice too but no trim wheel.


I wouldn’t consider the Thrustmaster Airbus stick (or the earlier T16000 it’s based on) if you want to make active use of the twist axis since the twist axis on those is on famously unreliable potentiometer.

Chiefly I’d consider either the VKB Gladiator or the new/upcoming Turtle Beach stick, as both of these have the twist on contactless sensors. Both of those have trimmer of sorts too, the small rotary encoder in Gladiator’s base is arguably superior to the Bravo trim wheel since you can configure it to work as an axis and select how much the axis is modified per “click” (the Bravo trim wheel is just and encoder and not an axis, though you can configure it to axis with third party middleware software). Turtle Beach has some kind of thumb wheel on the stick which probably works to at least similar effect to Bravo trim wheel.

Look at grips from Virpil, the VFX one is what I use. There TM-3 throttle has most if not all the levers and switches (can be programed) to simulate all if not much of the CP environment. Serious bucks, but quality and will last for years, cannot recommend them highly enough, they have USA website so not issue now. I had honeycomb bravo, huge, takes up lot of space, and I had to constantly change levers for type of plane flying. Was sold, dont miss it period, plastic, virpil 95% metal.