Honeycomb yoke with x56 throttle

Hi All,

As an FYI the honeycomb yoke is now showing availability in the UK. Just ordered one for delivery tomorrow. I currently use a an X56 stick and throttle.

Will I be able to use the honeycomb yoke and the x56 throttle (not stick). i assume so as they connect directly to the pc and configured separately. Anyone know?

Absolutely! I have a frankenstein set up!

where did you order it from? ive been on back order with Amazon for a bit now?

Go the PC world. They are reporting availability for delivery tomorrow. I was surprised too.

I currently use an X55 throttle and honeycomb yoke. The only issue is the elevator trim switches on the yoke are on the left side, same side/hand you’ll use for the throttle. Can be a bit awkward.

Thanks have just gone on and my order is due for delivery tomorrow morning :slight_smile: