Hope the Developers show some Love for SU5

With some fantastic sales! I’m in a shopping spree mode. Let the sales begging!

I really want to fly some new scenery or planes in this awesome update to FS.

Specially the CRJ550/700, hope that goes on sale!!!

FSDreamteam has a sale, as well as Flightbeam. Get that money out already! :sweat_smile:


30% on both sites.

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The main love that developers need to show SU5 right now is providing compatibility fixes for everything that broke with SU5. The Arrow and the Ryan Sta being among the affected add ons.


I would recommend holding off on any marketplace purchases for a while, at least until Asobo/Microsoft speeds up the approval process for fixes and updates. It seems it can take up to a few months (if not longer) for developers to have their hot fixes or product updates approved on the MS marketplace , so it is very possible a lot of these products will not be functional for a while. Buy directly from ORBX, Aerosoft, etc… instead. You will be better off in the long run and will get much quicker support.


Can’t do ■■■■ in this game while it constantly CTD

Sorry to hear that. Don’t really understand why some have CTDs and others don’t. I never get CTDs.

May have something to do with motherboard, processor, GPU, RAM, or other stuff installed on PC.

But I do understand your pain and frustration and know that a lot of people do encounter that problem. But I think that only, in my unscientific opinion, think that may only happen to about 5% or less of people based the the number of posts I see.

Not sure if there is a specific thread where all who get CTDs can post the information I previously mentioned. That could help MS/Asobo try to narrow it down.

What computer setup do you have? You may have the ideal configuration! :slight_smile:

I have a Dell XPS from December 2020. Intel I7-10700, 64GB RAM, NVIDIA RTX 2060 Super 8GB, two Samsung 1TB NMVe M2 SSD drives, Logitech X-56 HOTAS and Pedals.

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Same setup as me

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That’s been the blanket reason given by both Asobo and users since launch. That and community mods. The problem now is that Xbox users are also experiencing said CTDs and the other myriad problem that have generally been attributed to the end user’s computers since launch. So it can’t be various hardware configs nor community mods at the root of this. I’m sure some CTDs can be directly linked to hardware and 3rd party software issues, I’m convinced the majority are not.

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