Hoping for some news on next AAU1 Beta or a final AAU1 release

Each of the last three weeks has had an AAU1 Beta update, so here’s hoping we get a fourth consecutive week with either the next/final Beta or the actual AAU1 release. It’s been pretty quiet and the last Beta update had very few changes, so I’m of the opinion that the next release might be the final release… Any rumors out there?

I hope last week update is not final version because it looks like Xbox LOD bug is back.
I don’t see any information here in discussion whether reported issue is logged/approved for fix or ignored.
Also the silence is weird.
They want from us feedback on delivered changes while they don’t provide any feedback to us.
This forum is full of reported issues without any “voice of developers”. Reporting Zendesk issue is the same.

It’s like “Talking to the mute.” or they don’t care.


You would think that they would be excited about updates that are making the Sim better.
MSFS use to give us hope. Or
Maybe they just don’t want to let us down anymore. You know how hard the community can be.

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Release will be today according to my crystal ball :rofl:

Or at least a hint of when it’s coming.

They can’t keep, or need to stop giving us “release windows” without solid confirmation.

As much as the Roadmap Jorg showed last year makes me giddy, I don’t have high hopes.


So your crystal is either worth billions or for the bucket.

Tomorrow we will know :rofl::rofl::rofl:.

What about a quiet 2023, with a few SU’s that have an extensive beta flight, and don’t have a promised release date. It’s just ready when it is. Not too soon, not too late, but exactly when they mean to.

No more need to ask when we get it, no more disappointment and criticism when they fail to meet their own deadlines.

Wouldn’t that be just great?



No, it’s not. There’s an thread where this claim gets invalidates.

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Yeah that would be nice! but I’m sure between the next su and wu they’ll do a lovely job of breaking something again…


Slightly OT,
I hope for some cool additions to the MP for my XBox friends:

  • Wilga
  • 42MG
  • Flow

Reminds me of Rockstar Games’ way of doing things, just say it’ll be ready when it’s ready and don’t overpromise. When we don’t have a date or time frame in our heads, we move on to other things and it’s a pleasant surprise when a date is actually dropped.


Hmmm… Forums down for some back-end maintenance??? Well my conspiracy theory is they are setting up to archive all of the AAU1 Beta feedback and open up new threads for the new features, and then spring the AAU1 release on us!

I do not think so. This can be done “on-fly”. Maintenance not.

The latest Dev Blog said it would be released in later in January, and well, January is not yet over. :slightly_smiling_face:

No special information to offer here, other than pointing out there are still five-ish days left in the previously mentioned release window.


You guys aren’t helping perpetuate my conspiracy theory…

I had posited that it would likely launch this week. Last week’s beta update had no new features and only minor, back end bug fixes. Typically, an update like that means they’re done and ready to launch. In past betas, when we got that last beta that had next to nothing (comparatively) done to it, it was usually the last beta and that was the build that would be pushed the following week. And I expected we’d have gotten it this past Tuesday.

But we haven’t gotten any new beta this week, and the main branch hasn’t been updated yet. SteamDb shows no activity that would suggest it’s coming today. So I’m not sure what’s going on. And we’ll never know.

So apparently was I wrong (wouldn’t be the first time). So it will launch when it launches. That’s all anyone outside the inner circle knows.


My take is that AAU1 Release will hit when the SU12 BETA starts (next week or the week after)

See this: https://www.flightsimulator.blog/2023/01/25/sim-update/

Hello @CplPhokett,

We have previously announced that AAU1 is targeted for a full release prior the end of this month. That information has not changed.


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I understand that, but the fact we don’t have a concrete date is a bit concerning is all.

We can expect Tuesday.