Hoping MSFS leaves the sim alone over the Holidays

Post SU7 and any subsequent hotfix(es), hoping MS/Asobo leaves the sim alone over the holidays, so people can just enjoy the sim over the holidays without waiting days/weeks with CTD or other issues. Mid-December to early January is the time most people can just enjoy it, so please MS/Asobo, no mandatory updates during the Holidays.


Ooh I’m looking forward to the next World Update. I’m fortunate enough to have had zero issues with all past updates. Guess I’d think along your lines if I had issues.

Not sure it’s true that mid Dec to Jan is the time most people are free to enjoy the game. Is that a US holiday thing?

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Due to COVID I havne’t really used my vacation time this year and am now off from December 11th to January 4th.

Going to be allot of time on the SIM! :slight_smile:


Do we know what the next World Update will be or at least when it will be announced?

I haven’t seen anything. Not sure it’ll be another chunk of Europe. Hoping it’ll be a bit more exotic :grinning:


That would kinda be nice. Since SU6 this is the most flying I have got in with MSFS2020. Or at least slow the pace. The update roller coaster before was so frustrating, I just gave up for weeks on end.

Yeah they need to sit on their hands so PMDG can bring 738 over.

Or… thoroughly beta test the update (and the update process…can people actually download the update) and LISTEN to the feedback from the beta testers.


Bit of a negative comment aimed at hard-working teams.

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Yes it is … BUT

It says a lot when customers ask a developer to NOT update because the developer keeps messing up and most aircraft addons need to be adapted every time. ( 14 months of fs2920 brought a lot of frustration for a lot of people )


Please MS / Asobo fix the broken bush flights BEFORE the holidays.

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Cannot touch the Eurofighter Typhoon post SU6. CTD every time.

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Nonsense. Please Asobo keep adding to my experience for the holidays and continue all 2022!!


Yeah, it’s called Christmas.

so I was correct in that it’s not the time that " most people are free to enjoy the game" just a lot maybe.

The next world update is Italy. There hasn’t been a full announcement of that yet that I am aware of, but it is listed in the Developer Blog as what they are working on.

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I am more hoping the ever-present armchair developers, who know all how the sim should be done and see every glitch as a game-breaking evidence for Asobo’s incompetence will get some holiday mood and cheer up a bit at least for the holidays.

That’s surprising. Rome, Florence, Milan, and Venice already look great. While there is room to make it even better, there are HUGE gaps many other places in the world.

Exactly, one day we will beg them for updates. How many flightsims has had this many updates in one year and they are also free. What to complain about? Sim updates are the most imprtant updates too. Worldupdates can wait. The more sim updates the better.


How many sims have been this bug ridden a year out? How many sims or games even, do people cower after an update, wondering if the sim they spent thousands on (including add ons, hardware purchases and the sim itself) will be bricked for weeks until another update is released?

I am one that agrees with leaving the sim alone over the holidays. I was most displeased with SU5 and pleasantly surprised with SU6. I hope Asobo knows what they are doing with SU7 and can deliver another successful update. I am most looking forward to the logbook being able to be turned off (which should have been a day one feature).

I think it says something that folks are actually NOT wanting an update over the holidays, since Asobo doesn’t have a great track record with them. Either way, I guess we will just have to wait until the 18th…

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